Transparent execution of the Karachi Transformation Plan

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We are the hardworking, tax-paying, responsible and exasperated citizens & well-wishers of Karachi, unanimously demanding and taking action for a better future for our city. Founding signatories of the project include philanthropists, activists, academics, artists, leaders in various fields, and executives from the private sector.


Together for Karachi is an apolitical, citizen-led, Karachi-wide action plan to demand accountability for Karachi's failing infrastructure that has overwhelmed 22 million people who live / work in this city, particularly after the devastating urban flooding that took place in August 2020. Through the website, TFK aims to:

  1. Track the delivery of the promised Karachi Transformation Plan;
  2. Monitor the spend of public funds in the sum of Rs. 1.1 trillion as committed by the Federal & Provincial Governments;
  3. Arrange regular townhalls between officials responsible for delivering the Transformation Plan and citizens of Karachi, for transparent communication on progress and problems.


  1. Dedicated funds for Karachi's development + transparency & accountability in spending of the same
  2. Safe & sustainable infrastructure: including city wide drainage, sewerage networks, improved roads & bridges, increased storage capacity and access to water, and high-quality public transport
  3. Solid Waste Management: including recycling facilities and mandatory implementation of waste disposal practices
  4. Oversight by urban planning committee: comprising expert engineers, urban planners, architects, environmental specialists, land surveyors, financial experts, and legal advisors
  5. Adequate disaster response SOP's: by increasing capacity of government hospitals and first-responders

Please access the full Charter of Demands on


With your support, we want to use this petition to negotiate with the Provincial and Federal Governments a public accountability system via The website will have real-time updates of the Karachi Transformation Plan and be a portal to bridge citizens with concerned public officials. Public availability of this information will ensure unprecedented and strict monitoring of Karachi projects by its watchful citizens.