Tell Japan to shut down Zao Fox Village!

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan is the Zao Fox Village. There you could play and pet foxes. However, it is not all cute as most YouTube videos and articles make it out to be. In fact, it is rather disgusting.

The foxes are often times kept in small cages either by themselves or with each other, which can cause major injuries as foxes do fight with each other. When they get injured in fights, none of the staff come by to help them and tend to their injuries. Last, but not least, the park claims to allow you to interact with the foxes, but they actually do not unless you pay a fee of some kind. 

I created this petition to help improve the conditions for animals in Japan as most aren’t really the best, and since I plan on living their for a while, I want to see some changes on how animals are treated and cared for. I also want people who are planning to visit Japan and want to see something interesting that they know to NOT go here. Attached to this petition is a video made by YouTuber kanadajin3 who shows what conditions these foxes are in. There is some really graphic material, but I think it is important to watch to at least get an idea.

This petition will be sent to the Japanese Prime Minister and Cabinet as there is no real government run animal protection (at least from what I saw. If I am wrong, let me know so I can have the petition sent to them as well). 

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