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Please Stop The Horror In Taiji , Japan

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Please Sign In Memory of all of the Pods that these fishermen have brutally killed and also for the dolphins like Angel , taken into captivity awaiting to be sold to the highest bidder.( May all the angels rest in peace , We will continue to Fight until we WIN!!

I am writing to you all on behalf of the dolphin slaughter in Taiji Japan. LETS STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! Please sign this petition! Do you really think it is right? Would you like to be taken away from your family? Would you like to watch your family brutally killed on front of you while you are in a pool of their blood? Dolphins are very smart and they know exactly what is going on. The do not get fed when they are captured but left to starve as they await an awful death sentence. These are wild animals that belong in the world’s ocean. One of the dolphins that was recently captured by the killers was a rare white albino dolphin and that dolphin was named by Captain Paul Watson as "Bambi".The whole world now this dolphin as Bambi.   This was the dolphin that captured everybody and a lot of children’s hearts. Bambi was taken from his mother’s side while their pod fought for survival. Bambi’s Mother is now Dead. Can’t you see how much distress it causes these poor creatures? This has to stop. Bambi is only a baby and now she is going to be afraid forever by the horrific experience of being torn from her Mother and now Bambi is all alone in a very small pen in Taiji Harbour waiting to be SOLD. The mother of Bambi, it was very important that she stay with Bambi to ensure her child to ensure their survival. The babies need the mothers milk to survive as they cannot survive by themselves. Money seems to be more important than protecting animals that are so intelligent and that deserve to stay alive in our oceans! All these animals have ever shown us humans was KINDNESS , they have never ever once hurt any human. And how do us humans repay them, BY KILLING THEM.  What are you going to say when the children grow up and say where the dolphins are? Are you all for it? Are you all for tearing families apart? Are you all for letting the baby dolphins watch their as their pod is MURDERED? Do you think that shoving a metal rod through the spinal cord of the dolphin, stabbing it and then it taking up to 30 minutes for the dolphin to die , do you not think it’s horrible and monstrous of the humans ? Could you imagine suffering and lying in your own blood for 30 minutes while people just say staring at you? DO YOU? Please help the people of the world stop this horrific ordeal before it all gets out of hand. Our oceans will have nothing left. We are humans, We are not supposed to be this cruel to anybody or any species. My little sister is 4, she saw the news and the blood and burst to tears. I’m sure that image will stick with her for a long time to come.. A lot of reporters went to Taiji to try and get comments for the killers but all they heard was “No Comment” . They tried to capture the horrific events but they covered up the cove so nobody was able to take a picture but the reporters seen the sea TURN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE HELPLESS CREATURES. They must love their job of killing poor and innocent creatutes since not even a day after the killed a lot of animals , They went looking for more.  Even in the SOUTHERN WHALE SANTUARY , A place where whales are supposed to be safe , are Killed every year by the Japanese . They say for “Scientific Research “. THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST EXCUSE EVERY. A quota so big , why is the number so big. If it weren’t for Sea Shepherd cutting the numbers killed . What would happen to our Oceans?. Now look at whats happening to the Dolphins. Ever hear “Traditions change”? Why not change this tradition for the sake of our animals and also the Japanese Public. These Dolphins are dangerous and poisonous for human consumption due to high levels of Mercury.? It can cause many birth defects and also cause problems with childrens development. Ever hear the saying "Nothing lasts forever" This is one of these things that shouldn’t last forever. So please sign this and make our voices heard!!


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