Waste to Art - Beautify our public spaces with recycled waste

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Govt estimates show that India generate 1,54,32,000 kg of plastic waste every single day. We are well aware of the health hazards and environmental impacts of such massive amounts of generated plastic waste. Even though we hear the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle a lot, we don't have institutional systems to carry out any of these efficiently. Our dependency on plastics range from packing our food to carrying our water, which will only become more problematic with time.

It is in this juncture that innovative mechanisms should emerge. Recently, an organisation named washedashore.org had made 13 Giant Sculptures out of Oceanic Waste, which made me think of the possibility of employing the same in India.

We are well aware of the Rock Garden of Chandigarh and the self-made artist behind it Mr. Nek Chand, who used industrial and household waste to create art.

We have numerous public spaces including parks, schools, Govt offices, bus stands, railway stations, post offices, administrative/legislative offices, courts etc providing us with the ideal setting for showcasing such artwork. What we need is a pro-active Government policy on the same.

This petition is in a way a sincere request to the PM to hire artists who can convert waste into artwork and make our public spaces more attractive. This will address multiple campaigns run by the Central Government like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Skill India.

This will serve dual purposes - one it will provide a source of income to numerous artists willing to take up the work, and two it will eliminate at least a portion of the ever increasing plastic waste generation.