Unpaid and unemployed since October'19

Unpaid and unemployed since October'19

5 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chirag Sharma

Me and my colleagues have been working with V Resorts (Bliss Inns Pvt. Ltd.). We haven't been paid any salary since Oct. 2019. We have requesting for my salaries from the CEO (Mrs. Aditi Balbir) but have just received disrespect, mental harassment, threat and verbal abuse. 

          Some of us have even tried taking help of police ad labour dept. in January 2020, however it didn't help and instead attracted a show cause notice from the management which was respectfully answered from my end. 

           However there had been no revert from the management after that. Even in the current COVID-19 crisis, we begged for a partial amount from our pending salary but didn't receive a mere reply from the management.

            We have families to feed and have been managing expenses by borrowing money from friends and relatives since than as most of us can't even join anywhere else as they are not even providing relieving letter and neither have been asked to serve or received any compansation for the 3 month notice period as per conditions on my appointment letter. The company has not paid the PF as well since 2018. Practically we jobless as we're neither being paid nor are we able to join somewhere else.     

             We are fed up with this and highly depressed and a lot of negetive and extreme thoughts going on due to the worse financial crisis.

              We request you to help us with this situation by signing this petition as this is the last hope we have as we have tried labour dept. and case is pending since January. We even mailed the labour commissioner and concerned authority multiple times since May but no help. We not asking for anything apart from our salary and PF that we are entitled for. We are loosing all hopes and really don't want to end up as a failure. 

Below are the company details:

Company Name: V Resorts (Bliss Inns P. L.)
Contact person: Mrs. Aditi Balbir (CEO)

Office address: Rworkspace, 1st floor,
                            Vardhman trade tower,
                            Nehru place, New Delhi

Hoping support from you in these highly difficult times.

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Signatures: 119Next Goal: 200
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