BAN Cattle Sale for Slaughter at Cattle Fairs/Markets

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Inhumane torture of cattle, from the cattle markets to the slaughterhouses in India is a spine chilling reality.

IIn most of the Indian states slaughter of cow & it's progeny including calves is banned, yet we find a large number of cattle brutally stuffed into trucks and illegally smuggled out of such places and into states where cow slaughter is permitted or ineffective. And this thriving industry is run by the Cattle Mafia, who buy the cattle from various cattle fairs/markets, stuff them in trucks and lead them to their brutal deaths.

  • Cows,buffaloes,ox and baby calves are forced to tread hundreds of miles without food or water .
  • Cattle is beaten mercilessly and driven forward in the searing Indian heat.
  • Their tails broken deliberately, while tobacco and chili pepper rubbed into their eyes forcing them to stand up when they crumble. While their hooves bleed.
  • When transported by truck, cattle suffer unimaginable pain because of overcrowding. Stuffed into trucks, on top of each other, they experience extreme suffocation, trample upon each other, and many a times gouging and blinding the other with their horns, due to lack of space.
  • During unloading, if they have survived the brutal drive, they are then pulled out or forced to jump from the high truck onto the ground, often resulting in breaking their legs and pelvis.
  • Many of them die due to suffocation during transportation in overcrowded trucks.

To curb this illegal transportation and unending torture of animals, the Central Govt. has passed an order, that cattle for slaughter cannot be bought from ‘agricultural markets’.

The rule mandates the appointment of Veterinary inspectors who shall screen the animals before they enter the market. The inspector shall also check whether animals are being transported in trucks which are authorized by law to carry animals.

Still there is no restriction on legal option of a person buying these directly from the farms.

Dhyan Foundation supports this order passed by the Central Govt to Ban the Sale of Cattle through Cattle Markets.This order offers respite to the voiceless animals, from the endless torture & cruelty that is inflicted upon them at these cattle markets. .

Please sign this petition and support BAN Cattle Sale for Slaughter at Cattle Fairs.