Strongly demand to authorities to review and stop the cutting of over 50000 mangrove trees

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Citizen Petition - Strongly demand to authorities to review and stop the cutting of over 50,000 mangrove trees for the bullet train project. 

In the juncture of severe environmental calamities govt. has decided to cut around 54000 mangrove trees in Navi-Mumbai area to facilitated more discussing Ahmadabad – Mumbai Bullet train project. India has witnessed the second driest pre-monsoon season in last 65 years. More than 44% of India now suffers drought or drought like situation. India’s fourth largest city, Chennai is screaming for water. The city is facing acute water shortage even become dry for nearly over a month. The water story of Vidharva & Marathwara region remains same for last few years. The word drought becomes a regular event for these areas for nearly a decade. Maharastra govt. has imposed rule 144 just few days ago at Western Maharastra district Latur after clashes broke out during distribution of govt. supplied water in the area. Even people have to force to travel more than 10 to 15 km to collect a bucket of drinking water. Niti Ayoog  already warns full depletion of ground water layer in cities like Delhi, Begaluru, Gurugram etc. in a within a year i.e. 2020. 40% of India’s population will face acute ground water shortage and nil ground water situations within 2030. As per Ministry of Environment, every minute India loses 23 hectares of dryland to drought and desertification, which further leads to a loss of 20 million tones of potentials food grain. We are losing precious ground water day by day. Today total storage capacity of India’s major water reservoir is 16% only. We are facing a critical nightmare regarding ground water…the basic need of life. We are destroying our eco-system by mindless cutting of trees in the name of development for various road, power, and process plant projects.  The ecological health of this country is at brink of existence and today’s situation is more than alarming. Govt. aforestation plan never picks up its speed. Country’s natural resources are in declined path. We have to conserve our natural resources and maintained the same. We have to protect our remaining forest area and increase the tree population.We have to find alternative means of development and holistic coexistence with Mother Nature.

In one word this is a self destructive decision of govt. by harming environmental harmony by cutting so much mangroves for bullet train project….even Mumbai high court has also given his nod in this matter….Cutting down mangroves will help nothing but aggravate this severe water crisis….when the entire world is so concern about the global warming and restoring the mother nature  by planting more and more trees…India perhaps the only country who thinks just the opposite by cutting down such much trees for some luxurious train ride that may not be required now for a country like India, where people are fighting over a bucket of drinking water.

We request govt. to reconsider the mangrove cutting decision….if you are so dedicated for that project, go for the project but spare these vast mangrove population. Please find alternative route to solve the problem. The owner this mangrove forest is the people of this country mostly citizen of this area. In one generation Mumbai area has lost three of his four rivers due to urbanization. These mangroves are not only maintaining the salinity of water of the entire area. It also helps to protect the ground water layer, even this entire mangrove forest protects Mumbai from flood and sea water surge in Arabian Sea. Please reconsider the decision once again and stop Mumbai and its surrounding area from water shortage like other parts of the country.   Looking forward to everyone's support.

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BHS95 (Baruipur High School 1995 Batch)