Save::Unique&Sacred Ganga-Life of Swami Sanand--Seeking National Mission on Aviral-Ganga

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"Sacrificing Ganga-ji at the altar of Hydro-Electric Power!! Is it a big thing to put this mortal life at stake to stop such a disastrous possibility?" These are the words of 86-year old Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand (formerly Prof. G.D. Agrawala of IIT-Kanpur, former Member-Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board) from his Statement  (translated) on why he is doing his sixth and what he reckons as his final "fast-unto-death" since 22nd June 2018 from Matri-Sadan, Haridwar to save Unique & Sacred Ganga.

Swami Sanand points out that Ganga is 'sacred' (pavitra) - because of the inherent capability to destroy impurities (physical/mental/spiritual) in Ganga waters. Destruction of mental/spiritual impurities is a matter of faith&Bhakti which is in abundance in India -- but lacks enough orientation towards temporal action .

Here comes Swami Sanand's most important intervention - he points to research which hints that the waters from the source streams of Ganga from the Himalayan glaciers: Bhagirathi, Alakananda (including feeder streams Dhauliganga, Nandakini, Pindar) and Mandakini -- all have very unique bactericidal properties, high re-oxygenating nature among many unique properties to Ganga, unknown to any other River/Stream in the world.

Swami Sanand also points out that there are observable scientific grounds where these unique & sacred properties of Ganga are lost the moment human interventions stop or divert the flow of waters of Ganga through construction of dams/hydro-electric power plants. He asserts:


Clearly, Development (Vikas) cannot be Destruction (Vinash) of such Sacred & Unique Ganga. 

The fight for 'Aviral Ganga' -- uninterrupted, incessant flow in the River Ganga - is a long drawn one. Prof. G.D.Agrawala's Ganga-Tapasya started 10 years ago with his first fast in 2008 CE. He took samnyasa as Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand to continue his Tapasya with full vigour devoid of any temporal compulsions.  Tapasya in his own words: "(i) involves putting everything at stake including all belongings, health&even LIFE. (ii) is for a "personal" objective - not for social or common cause." Swami Sanand is an epitome of Bhakti-in-Action. 

Personal Tapasya of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand: Call to Each of Our Cultural Conscience

Even as Swami Sanand (formerly Prof. G.D.Agrawala) invokes the spiritual to redeem himself from his past actions in ignorance in relation to Ganga-ji as well as to seek Shakti to turn his Bhakti to Action-- his actions provide grounds to reinstate the wisdom in traditional Indian knowledge that needs to be re-discovered through active research in current times and make course corrections to redeem ourselves from ignorance masquerading as knowledge. 

One in a ten thousand people in this world is soft and tender-hearted - so soft as to suffer the pain of seeing a dried up river-bed in place of a flowing river. The pain is all the more if the river is perennial and is fed by the Himalayan glaciers and sacred like Ganga. Among such people, one in a lakh is someone who is knowledgeable to study & analyze the causes, and also stake one's life to counter it. Swami Sanand is one in a hundred crores.

This life itself is a prolonged trial for such a tender-hearted person. It is such a person who experiences the pain and difficulties present in the world. Just the way in which the quality of gold is visible as a trace on a touchstone, the wickedness of the world, the wrongful deeds of the world, the bad behaviour of the world all these get exposed by the presence of and established in such a person. Thus, a person with a soft and tender heart is the touchstone for the world.

The ways of the world must be devised keeping such soft-hearted individuals as the anchors. Distinguishing between dharma and adharma is to be done anchoring around such tender-hearted persons. The classification of the sense of good and bad is to be instituted with the response of such tender-hearted individuals as the measure. Not on the basis of the rest of the common folks in the world.

How many people in the world can genuinely feel like Swami Sanand who states in his first Letter to the PM: "the unbearable pain caused because of the neglect of the interests beneficial to Mā Gangā jī has made my life itself unbearable"?

Dharmo Rakshati RakshitaH. Swami Sanand is giving an opportunity to the Government of the day to stand by Dharma. By educating all of us of his experiential knowledge, he is fulfilling his obligations as a Teacher and by standing by what he believes in -- he is an exemplary Teacher whose instructions and directives must be followed if India must entertain hopes of being a Vishwa Guru in future.

Moreover, his directives to the Prime Minister for conserving Ganga-ji are in consonance with the recommendations of Experts in the field such as Prof. Rashid Hayat Siddiqi (former member National Ganga River Basin Authority).

The Government has a Ministry of Ganga Rejuvenation and a National Mission for Clean Ganga (where Nirmal-ta and Swaccha-ta are conflated) along with a River Ganga (Rejuvenation, Protection & Management) Authorities Order where principles for Ganga Rejuvenation (page 26, point 4) that are to be followed are given including the mention of 'Aviral Ganga' [maintaining longitudinal, lateral and vertical connectivities of River Ganga] are given. Without the weight of an express Mission for the purpose, 'Aviral Ganga' cannot be realized. 

This petition seeks the support of all right-thinking people to seek from the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, who asserted in the Parliament of India:

Idea of India - Satyameva Jayate --

  1. To announce National Mission on Aviral Ganga immediately where the first Act of the  the Mission to stop all the on-going and proposed hydro-electric power projects on the Himalayan source streams of Ganga -- Bhagirathi, Alakananda (and her source streams: Nandakini, Dhauliganga & Pindar), Mandakini  and  the goal is to ensure an Aviral Flow all through River Ganga from Gangotri to Gangasagar by announcing a stage-by-stage targets for achieving the same.  
  2. To call a Special Session of the Parliament to discuss the issue of 'Aviral Ganga' - in the light of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand's Ganga Tapasya. Parliament should discuss the Ganga Bill honestly and enact it as soon as possible since it is a matter of National Importance and also a matter of Constitutional Significance -- because -- the Calligraphic Edition of Constitution of India signed by the Constituent Assembly members  has Illustrations of which the 13th Illustration is a 'Scene from Mahabalipuram Sculptures (Bhagirath's Penance and the Descent of Ganga)' and that long before Ganga is declared the National River of India, both Bhagirath and Ganga are part of National Conscience and are Constitutional Entities as per law (vide Vishwa Hindu Adhivakta Sangh v/s Union of India & Ors.). Therefore, there is a great obligation of a fundamental nature on the part of the State of India and its authorities to protect the fruits of tapasya of Bhagirath. Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand's fast is towards that end.  
  3. To start a 'Ganga Bhakta Parishad' as suggested by Swami Sanand to ensure that the Ganga Act thus passed is properly implemented. 

Save Unique and Sacred Ganga

Save the Precious Life of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand

May Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand's knowledge & wisdom guide the Nation for a few more years