Please criminalize the observance of 18.8.1945 as Subhas Chandra Bose's day of demise

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The mysterious disappearance of the Indian freedom fighter and nationalist Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose after 18th August 1945 has remained independent India's longest running unsolved mystery. A post war Japanese announcement dated 23.8.1945 about the death of Netaji and Lt. Gen. Shidei a Japanese general officer in an air accident at the Matsuyama aerodrome in Taipei on 18.8.1945 was given out. Till date no death certificate or picture of Netaji's mortal remains has been furnished as evidence. The British Indian government's assessment of the matter as revealed through declassified intelligence files showed their own doubts about the news. However the government of India-GoI after independence clearly stated that Netaji perished in the aforementioned air accident.

Till date the government holds hundreds of classified top secret files on Netaji which it has refused to declassify citing adverse effect on India's foreign relations and possible domestic law and order disturbances if the contents of the files are revealed. Additionally, the GoI carried out surveillance on Netaji's family at least upto 1968 as revealed by recently declassified intelligence files. So all of these thus pegs the question that if the GoI was certain about Netaji's death in the so-called air accident, why is there so much secrecy about files related to him or the need for surveillance on his family? In other words was the government indeed very sure of this death on 18.8.1945?

The Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry-JMCI appointed by the GoI in 1998 upon a Calcutta High Court order to look into the circumstances of Netaji's disappearance post 18.8.1945 concluded in its report in 2006 that no air accident involving Netaji had taken place on 18.8.1945. The JMCI also concluded that the ashes at Renkoji temple Japan previously believed to be of Netaji's  are not in fact of Netaji, but those of a Taiwanese soldier named Ichiro Okura. This conclusion was based upon the Taiwanese birth and death records of the said person. The findings of JMCI were also independently corroborated by journalist and RTI activist Shri Anuj Dhar through his investigations leading him to author two books on the subject of Netaji's disappearance post 18.8.1945-Back from Dead and India's Biggest Cover Up. However, the GoI rejected the JMCI report without citing any reasons and went back to reasserting the death in air accident theory.

Thus, it can be concluded that there exists a lack of clinching evidence to prove the death of Netaji on 18.8.1945 in the Taipei air crash. However, it has been observed that there is general lack of awareness about such an important matter of fact leading to the public to sometimes erroneously and completely believe the air crash theory. This has been further fueled by the GoI thus far endorsing the air crash theory without any conclusive evidence and books authored by several writers and historians, which also keep backing the air crash theory again without any conclusive evidence.

Consequently, the date of 18.8.1945 is often erroneously and or mischievously observed and marked as his death anniversary. Given the lack of clarity on this matter due to contradictory stands taken by certain historians and GoI on one side and the JMCI report and Anuj Dhar's findings on the other, such a practice is an serious impediment towards establishing the truth about Netaji's fate after 18.8.1945.

Hence the petitioner would like to request the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi to discourage and criminalize the observance of 18.8.1945 as the death anniversary of Netaji in absence of any clinching evidence for his death on this date. It is further requested to Shri Modi to declassify all files related to Netaji and help uncover the truth about his fate beyond 18.8.1945.