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BANNERGHATTA NATIONAL PARK – the last remaining green cover and protector of BENGALURU’s air and water resources and maintaining the city’s ecological balance and sustainability -  is in grave danger. The Yeddyurappa government has reduced the ESZ (it's a shock absorber around the national park) by 100 square kilometers as also decreased the extent from 100 meters to 1 KM. 

This is all because the city’s quarry owners, miners, realtors, businessmen and of course, all political parties would like to exploit the land around the national park to fill their long pockets and coffers. They have no concern for people, this city and the Elephants who use this area for movement from one area to another. Neither this state government nor the earlier governments have ever bothered or even tried to understand the problems facing the city that is faced with high levels of air, water, soil and noise pollution. 

Even as greedy people are building residential colonies and commercial complexes around the national park while quarry owners are quarrying to their heart’s content - they have not realized that they themselves and their children too will suffer one day.  Bengaluru is already becoming unbearable and in the coming years, it will become unlivable. As it is 50 per cent of the newly built flats and apartment complexes are empty with no takers for them but still construction activities is going on without a break.

The citizens of Bengaluru should rise and come out in large numbers to express their solidarity and voice their protest to protect this city from further destruction. If they could come in for and against of CAA – why can’t they come now? If YOUR CITY BECOMES UNLIVABLE WITH AIR AND WATER GONE – WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR CITIZENSHIP? YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOK FOR NEW LANDS on Planet Earth TO SETTLE DOWN.

DON'T BE INDIFFERENT, ITS YOUR CITY. You should participate and come out in large numbers, Bengaluru citizens - especially the large population of IT sector.  Please come out of your gated communities and residential complexes to take interest and protect the CITY that has given you so much for you and your families to lead a safe and secure life.

Already the month of February has seen HIGHEST TEMPERATURES in fact, record breaking – this is all because of continuous FELLING OF TREES, clearance of green and blue spaces in BENGALURU without a thought for the wellbeing of its people. Some areas in CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT and areas like WHTEFIELD, ELECTRONICS CITY, MARATHAHALLI, MANYATHA TECH PARK, etc are seeing higher temperatures and heat effect because all the greenery has vanished and water bodies destroyed. 

Further, in these regions, the HIGH RISE GLASS FAÇADE BUILDINGS are creating HEAT ISLAND EFFECT in the city with people investing more and more on AC and coolers. The burning of plastic, other waste and leaf litter across empty spaces and roads of Bengaluru has added to the worsening situation. 

Despite the destruction of old concepts of sustainable living and traditional structures that used to keep the city cool and pleasant throughout the year, the Bannerghatta National Park has valiantly stood to given a green cover and absorbed all the ill wills committed by people living in Bengaluru. 

SO CITIZENS PLEASE RISE AND SHINE IN THE CAUSE OF BANNERGHATTA NATIONAL PARK WHICH HAS STOOD FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO PROTECT THE CITY AND CITIZENS OF BENGALURU. SAY you are committed for 269 square kilometers of ESZ area and minimum of one kilometer as ESZ extent and not a paltry 100 meters around the national park.