Reform to save Failing education system in India.

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Indian education system is based on lecture-based education system, where students with different capabilities and learning power attend class to study. So basically, students who have good understanding capabilities dominate the class and teachers even make false assumptions that students are understanding, based upon the response of only a few students. So what about 75% of the students who are sitting in class and not understanding?

We are given assignments and home-works everyday to solve at home. Sometimes the assignments are so silly that we are made to copy solved questions from books resulting in total waste of time. We even have to attend classes of some faculties whose lectures we don't understand at all! Sometimes we are taught more than two hours constantly, so how can one concentrate for so long resulting in total boredom. It even effects subsequent classes.

Teachers even hesitate to explain the topics which were taught the previous day and they say, why we did not clarify them when they were teaching? "Ask me hundred times if you don't understand" is a lie which teachers say often! They get irritated if we ask too many questions. But if we are so genius then why we need them for. Teachers are more focused on completing the syllabus than real teaching. It feels like teachers are not teaching, they are lecturing. Some teachers are so strict that we are treated like slaves and they act like boss!

We spend 8 hours in schools and colleges and we have 5 hours left to self study excluding time spent in college bus. We have to take nap for one and half hours and more half hours is spent in eating dinner and one and half hour for doing assignments and writing practical copies. So only One and half hours is left for self study. How can a student cover 8 hours of taught concepts in such limited time?

It is only possible if they could learn in colleges and schools itself. Studies should be such that students love to study and they don't feel the pressure of it. So reform should be made to save education system in India. I have a possible solution to all these problems:~

  1. 75% mandatory attendance is a good thing but changes should be made on how we are taught in class. Everyone can understand when they read books. So what i plead is that, the teachers should be there to solve problems, not to give lectures only.
  2. Students should be made to self-study in class and ask questions when they don't understand.
  3. Teachers should not hesitate to explain the topics which are taught long ago.
  4. They should try to explain every queries students have, though how silly the questions may be.
  5. Teachers should not act as BOSS and should treat every students with respect.
  6. Students should have a strictly anonymous forum where they could report about teachers without having fear of getting tortured in classes.
  7. Strict action should be taken against teachers who treats students with inferiority.
  8. An organization should be made which looks after the quality of education received by students.
  9. Teachers should not be allowed to take more than 2hours of class in one go. One subject should not be repeated more than once in a day.
  10. Teachers should not be allowed to give such assignments which involves seeing and copying solved problems from book.
  11. Moreover, teachers should check the assignments thoroughly which they give. They should not be allowed to only sign in last page, without checking the contents.
  12. Experimental reforms should be made in education system to make it more efficient day-by-day.

Even group study is more effective than lecture based chaotic present system in today's education system. So, Reform should be made from lecture based education system to group study based education system. Looking forward for a better educated India.