Pl Issue an Ordinance to Produce DIY Ventilators & other medical devices to fight COVID-19

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This petition is to urge Govt of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue an Ordinance for rapid manufacture and certification of Open Source (DIY - Do It Yourself) easy to assemble ventilators (and other medical equipment) needed for treating a million ( 10 lakh) of patients of COVID-19 or Corona Virus epidemic in India in next 2 or 3 months.

We are team of R&D engineers and doctors exploring technical solutions to reduce the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. We urge R&D engineers and medical professionals in India to galvanize themselves for organizing online hackathons for design of low cost open source DIY (easy to assemble) ventilators. The Govt ordinance must support such hackathons.

Please sign this petition for this ordinance, which can be called, “Manufacture of Essential Medical Equipment during COVID-19 Epidemic Act, 2020.” The manufactured items can be ventilators, surgical masks and many other kind of medical equipment needed for treating patients of COVID-19 epidemic. The equipment developed should be certified within 24 hours and tested for 48 hours before being introduced.

The data from Italy and United States of American are particularly worrying, as the daily new infections due to Corona Virus are increasing at a rapid rate from a dozen or two dozens in initial days to thousands of new cases of infections every single day. As of 21st march, Italy reported more than 6000 new cases in a day and this figure may cross 20,000 cases a day. The death toll is doubling every 4 days. On 22nd March, 800 people died due to Covid-19 in Italy.

A big city like Mumbai has only 800 ventilators. With an estimated 30,000 ventilators available in whole country, the figure is an average 1000 ventilators for each state. If things in India get as bad as Italy, without sufficient ventilators, we may see people dying in waiting rooms and roads outside the hospitals. Elderly people are at significant risk.

When ventilators are not available, a bag-valve-mask (AMBU Bag) can used manually to pump breathable air or oxygen into the patient's lungs manually or with a specially designed automatic pumping mechanism. In last few days, some engineers and robotics experts in Italy and other countries have started (open source) design of such automatic oxygen pumping devices. Such an automated AMBU bag may not be as good as a computerized ventilator, but it can give relief and save thousands of lives. Such a ventilator device may not cost more than Rs.6000 and they can be readily made in every state and big cities. We need 100,000 of them within next 15 to 20 days.

The automatic pumping mechanism is simple(attached picture on top.) Also please see the video in this article.

We urge every concerned citizen to sign and share this petition. All ideas are welcome. We all have family members, who are elderly or who are suffering from one or two major illnesses. They all are highly vulnerable. We need a multi-pronged approach to deal with this pandemic. While this petition is just the first step, the open source (and hackathon) community can work to quickly find many other solutions for the problems associated with prevention, treatment and cure of this epidemic.

We also urge R&D engineers especially those with background in robotics/control/embedded systems, 3D printing/mechanical design specialists and many experts on medical equipment to unite and help design these devices and share the designs. If you are from automotive or other manufacturing industries, please join in. The time is running out.