Pained by the ongoing desecration of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Pained by the ongoing desecration of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh

January 4, 2021
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Started by VENU Uppala

Dear Sir, Hon. Prime Minister, and other respectable leaders:

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah - Dharma protects those who uphold or protect dharma.

A temple is a sacred place of Hindus where teachings of Dharma are bestowed upon the sanatanis. A Hindu temple is revered as the abode of the god. A temple in Hindu Dharma or religion helps the Hindus transcend into their inner spiritual self and find peace. It takes in-depth analysis and research to really understand the true meaning, glory and greatness of Hindu temples.

An attack on these sacred places is nothing but an expression of hatred towards Hindus. Every Hindu temple is constructed and operated independently solely on public funds. Hindu temples generously provide a huge share of their funds to the government and also to conduct many charity events. Unfortunately the governments of Andhra Pradesh has failed to protect Hindu temples.  There is news about this type of incidents happening in Andhra Pradesh almost on a daily basis.  This has left the Hindus of the region devastated and deprived of their rights.  There has been continuous destruction and desecration of Hindu temples in many parts of the world. Recently in Pakistan a Hindu temple was burned to ground. We had temples destroyed in Bharat (India) as well. Should the Hindus start believing that Hindus in India are no better than Hindus in Pakistan?  India is a secular country and every citizen should have a right to freedom of religion including Hindus.

We plea the government to take immediate action on the miscreants who could be in the form of individuals, elected members, NGOs or political fringe groups.

Finally, we look forward for your assurance on the protection of Dharma for the people of Bharat (India).

PFA :- List of Temples Vandalism in AP in the past year:

List of desecrated temples in Andhra:
1. Pithapuram - East Godavari Anjaneya Swamy temple 23 Idols Destroyed
2. Rompicherla - Guntur Venugopal Swamy Temple Statues Destroyed
3. Suryavupalam Ammavari Gudi Destroyed
4. Kondabitragunta in Nellore Prasanna Venkateswara temple chariot burnt
5. Antarvedi Antarvedi Sri Lakshminarasimha Swami Radha Burning
6. Vijayawada Vijayawada Durga Gudi Chariot Silver Lions Theft
7. Krishna District Nidamanur Sai Baba Statues Destroyed In
8. Eleshwaram Destruction of Anjaneya Swamy Statue at Eleshwaram Sri Sitaramanjaneya Gymnasium
9. Veldurthy village in Guntur On a hill on the way Destruction of idols in the existing Nagamayya temple
10. Makkapeta-Vatsavai Krishna District Kashi Vishweshwara Temple, Destruction of Nandi Statue
11. Chintapalli village of Visakhapatnam on the outskirts of Chilakala mango destiny Idols of Lord Shiva in Shiva Temple Destroyed
12. Palakollu -Narasapuram West Godavari Ayyappa Swamy Mandapam Ayyappa Pictures, Statue Destroyed
13. Pattikonda town Kurnool Anjaneya Swamy Statue  Destroyed
14. Tummur, Naidupet, Nellore Anjaneyaswamy Statue
15. Vuguru Sugani Reservoir Kurnool Srilaxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Narasimha Swamy Destroyed
16. over bridge in Adoni, Kurnool 17. Anjaneya in the temple under the over bridge in Adoni, Kurnool district Swami Idol Destruction
17. Narasaraopet Guntur Saraswati is located nearShankara Math Devi Vigraham Destroyed
18. Tarlapadu village Srivirabhadra Swamy temple tower demolition
19. Ramatirtha hill,Vijayanagaram destroyed the idols. Sri Rama was beheaded in the attack.
20. Srirama Nagar, Rajahmundry, East Godavari Swami's idol was cut off with both hands in Subrahmanyeshwara Swamy Upaliam at Vigneswara Temple
21. Marlabanda Kurnool Idoles of Anjaneeya Swamy Vandalized
22. Vijaya wada Destroyed Sita Statue


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Signatures: 9,034Next Goal: 10,000
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