Need of the hour-Conserving the rights of a pharmacist

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It has been observed that Pharmacist is mere considered as a integral part of health care system in India.Pharmacist are never given the position which the deserve.In India a myth prevails that there is a shortage of pharmacist which is not true.There are several thousand of Pharmacy students getting registered in Pharmacy Council of India every year.But Do you think enough job opportunities is being created? The answer is No.This negligence by higher authorities has resulted the graduates,Post graduates or even the PhD Scholars to shift their careers.

The Pharmacy graduate or above degree holder have deep knowledge of medicine like drug drug interaction,drug contraindication,medicine safety, pathology, biochemistry etc and has to invest 4 years(For bachelor degree) or 6 years(For masters degree) or even around 10 years (For PhD) with handsome amount of fees.

The job opportunities for a pharmacy graduates after investing 4 years is very limited with a start up of around 8000 rupee per month.Even if the pharmacy professionals are willing to work in industry the job finding is not to easy with most of the  seats filled by BSc graduates.For Masters and PhD degree holder the condition even worsen with no special opportunities in the market.The best part is that the job opportunities in the government sector is limited to pharmacists or Drug Inspector.

Now coming to the business opportunities the pharmacist is considered as a mere dispenser of medicines in India.The hilarious part is that the only right given to a pharmacist in India is even not fully entertained by them.Most of the pharmacy in India are run by the non qualified professionals who have rented the license of a pharmacist for just several thousand of rupee.It is not that the fault fully lies on your side.The Pharmacist should not rent their license but why the government has given such a clause in registration.There are thousands of pharmacist in India willing to open their medical shops but cannot open due to competition and limited government funding scheme.The Government has taken a great appreciable step in 2017 by only allowing wholesale business  on a Pharmacy degree.

There is a great Pharmacy opportunities crisis in India and you have the opportunities to prevent it from getting worsen.You have the power to maintain the pharmacy profession as attractive career that allow dignity and a good standard of living.The Government should keep a check on the standards and the Job profile of every individuals in all the pharmaceutical companies as some of them are not following the standards of FDA (Bsc graduates instead of pharmacy graduates to save salary). Moreover the officials should revise the clause of opening a pharmacy by non pharmacy professionals as they are exploiting pharmacy graduates and should also ensure the service of pharmacist round the clock on every store to safeguard the safety of a patients.The great example to motivate Pharmacy profession in India is to compare its system with U.S Pharmacy Practice where the dignity of a pharmacist is well preserved 

The Government should take appropriate steps to uplift the pharmacy profession and  really help and benefit medical scenario of India.