Public execution of rapist

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‘An Entire Community Got Together to Rape a Child’: India Recoils at Girl’s Assault - 

Read this a few days ago and felt like leaving this country being a father of a daughter......... I am afraid to say but I don't feel safe for my kid now.

The government has taken a few step forwards by including death penalty but I feel that's not enough to deal with the kind of society we have today. While I read an article from Yemen... quoting "A 22-year-old man who raped and killed a 4-year-old girl in Yemen paid for his heinous crime Monday by being shot dead and hanged from a crane" I felt why this can't be made a rule in India where people only act sensible when they are forced to do so under fear of terrible punishment. 

I would request you all in this community to come together and get this rule in India.