Modi Government please reduce taxes on petrol & Diesel

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Petrol prices surged by Rs. 16 in last 72 days whereas the crude oil prices are stable to 42 USD per barrel. How the prices can go up ? In Pakistan petrol prices are Rs. 44/- per litre. In Shrilanka the same is Rs. 53/- per litre. Then why are we indians paying Rs. 80 per litre ? Because of high taxes on diesel, the transport cost is high which give rise to high inflation. Petrol is now the necessity for everyone and because of heavy taxes levied by Center and State Government, we are ending up with paying incomparable and much higher price. Bring these products under GST at highest 28% rate, still we will get it at a price below Rs. 60/- per litre of petrol and Rs. 45/- per litre of diesel. Stop this open loot. Let the Indians feel achhe din.