"Namokar Mantra" - The Maha Mantra used in a romantic song harming its Eternal Sanctity.

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"Namokar Mantra" - The maha mantra of Jain Community has been used in a Romantic song of a Telugu film - Ee Maya Peremito , by the music director Mani Sharma. It has completely destroyed the Eternal Sanctity & Purity of that Mantra hurting the entire jain community all over the world.

The song was also named as Arihantanam. It hurts more. Arihantanam means bowing to all the Arihants. The making of that song was released yesterday on youtube. 


I request all the people of the concerned departments to please remove the song from the film or atleast remove Maha Mantra from the song and the entire cast and crew of Ee Maya Peremito has to apologize to entire jain community for hurting their Religious beliefs and followings.