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#Justice4Maa :- Medical Kidnapping,Negligence and finally Murder By Fortis Hospital

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  • Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Tagline :- “MEDICAL TOURISM” starts when healthy person walk-in to Hospital for small treatment take them to Kidney,Pancrease,Liver,Lungs,Heart (station)surgery/treatment and finally to Mortuary of Fortis Hospital.
  •   Marketing Team:-Marketing  person called me number of times and asked me what type of room you want and insurance details instead of giving information on medical treatment
  •  Reason for admission:-Small Gallbladder Stone  Treatment hardly takes 45 min for surgery. All Parameter were normal on 13th May and all Vital Organs were functioning well(Fortis own Diagnostics reports prove that).Diagnosis was done by Fortis hospital only w.r.t Gallbladder Stone.
  •  ERCP(Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography):-Instead of doing the simple surgery of Gallbladder Stone on 13th May 2017, Doctor did ERCP,negligently and perfunctorily resulting in damage of pancreases, than kidney, than lungs and heart. And all the other organs. Tremendous abdominal pain and Intra-Abdominal Pressure increase drastically.
  • ICU:-Shifted to ICU after 3 days of tremendous pain on 16th May 2017.All Vital organs started failing one by one starting with Kidney, lungs filled with fluid, Heart rhythm started fluctuating. Doctors marketed for use of ventilator, Pace-maker and all other Life Support Devices. Doctors kept saying thing are improving and stabilizing even though she developed  infections most deadly one MDR Klebsiella Pneumoniae and deterioration in health condition while staying in ICU. Monitoring of Infection by sending urine and blood culture not done properly by ICU   team. Clear case of medical kidnapping, murder and negligence. She also went Pancreatic Necrois surgery to remove the dead pancreases and puse. The worst part is that they did all kind of surgery except that surgery for which she went to the hospital. Their own later reports states  there is NO STONE IN THE GALLBLADDER.
  • Tracheostomy surgery stopped in middle:-They even stop the tracheostomy surgery because there was some pending amount.
  • Patient sex not known :- Many of the Fortis hospital reports states patient is male signed by Doctor on Fortis Letter head. Clear case of  negligence.
  •  Blood unit Transfused:-More than 40-45 Units of Blood, Platelets, Plasma were transfused to her and they had not identified source of bleeding and its treatment. Again, clear case of negligence.
  •  Medical Bill:- Heavy medical bill (Rs 4,310,742) for  real wonderful medical treatment cost, negligence and finally murder to the patient.
  • Result:-On 3rd July she finally died.
  •  Bouncers and security staff :- in ICU isolation Room:- Instead of Doctors Bouncers and security staff were present inside in ICU on 3rd July 2017.
  •  Refusing to give the documents:-Even after accepting a letter in writing on 3rd July 2017 to provide all the papers, right from date of admission which they have agreed to provide within 2 days but now  they are now refusing to hide vital informations. They have also started removing the diagnostics reports from SRL Diagnostics site.

 Irregularities need to be investigated properly and demanded documents should be given immediately.


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