Internal Assessment for Class 10th and 12th Students

Internal Assessment for Class 10th and 12th Students

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Started by Navneet Kumar


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Subject: Internal Assessment for Evaluation of Students for Board Exam

Respected Sir,

This is Navneet Kumar, Class 12th(CBSE) board Student writing this Representation to draw the concerned authorities Scrunity towards the issues of students.

Following the Points need your Consideration:-

1.    Due to 2nd wave of Covid-19 last year students were not able to attend offline classes properly. Infact class 11 syllabus was completed in scurry and most of the education was conducted in online mode. Due to which students concept was not cleared and the Quality of education has down tick. Therefore, student need more time to cover their portions of 11th because many of the students are facing problems in understanding the 12th syllabus as their 11th topics are not cleared yet . So, now they have to complete both 11th and 12th syllabus in the Particular year.

2.    Online classes were not taken arrantly. Teacher’s motive was just to get the Syllabus Completed promptly.

3.    Moreover, there were a millions of connectivity issues, many rural or underdeveloped areas in different parts of India also didn’t have proper accessibility to online module of learning and yet they’re forced to give the exam offline.

4.    No proper backup for students who missed their classes due to network issues.

5.    Classes been held online for last couple of year it was very hard for the students to adapt to the online module and when they did, they’re now forced to give the exam offline.

6.    Even if we get vaccinated what is the guarantee we will not be effected by deadly virus, because it just reduce the severity of the virus symptoms and even if one is effected it can be a problem for everyone sitting in that exam centre.

7.    Moreover JEE MAINS and NEET UG 2022 likely nearer to many boards then it creating a snag for all aspirant. Also many other entrance exam are there.

8.    We were given 8 months to complete 50% syllabus of Term 1, even though it was an objective form of exam and now we are given only 2-3 months to complete the rest of the syllabus of Term 2 for a subjective form of exam (in offline mode) which is way more tougher and not to mention we haven’t had any writing practice due to the complete closure of schools for almost two years.

9.    Even the batch of 2020-21 were fortunate enough to have one year of offline classes and have a habit of writing subjective answers, but this year’s batch attended two whole years of online classes. Hence, the students aren’t prepared for a subjective paper as they were completely focused on giving their Term-1 MCQ exams.

10. Also we are expected to complete our project files and prepare for pre-boards, all together in merely a span of two months. The pressure to complete all our work in such a short time is causing us to deal with severe physical and mental stress.

11. Many average and below average students faced a lot of difficulties academically, as it’s not easy to concentrate and grasp a concept through online teaching.

12. Due to stress, anxiety and depression, many students have committed suicide but no news channel has covered on such severe issues.

13. Postponing the exams at this stage will also not be ideal as we also have to give competitive exams like NEET & JEE in the future.

14. Also, Schools and colleges are not at coordinating with students and the faculties are trying to complete the syllabus as soon as possible because the exam are near. They are not caring about students whether students are cleared about the chapter or not they only concentrating on how to complete it fast. Due to which students are facing a lot of problem in understanding the Concept.

So, because of the Above mentioned concerns we request you to please glimpse into the matter and give a relaxation to students.

we would suggest that the board exams should be cancelled and instead, Internal Assessment of students should be considered. Those who aren’t satisfied with their final scores can be provided with an option of giving an improvement exam.

Therefore it’s my meek solicitation prithee glimpse over the issue pronto it’ll be colossal solace for all the students.

We request you to please consider the serious situation Faced by the students.

Thanking you in Anticipation

Yours faithfully

All Indian Board Students

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