Installation of sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators at Universities

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“Ma’am!! Do you have a pad?” A common question that every girl has asked or asked for. 
I have been working with a university for a long time. I have often seen that girl students or women employees do not get sanitary napkins when it is required.

The problem is not just that some of them can not afford it but the problem is the availability.They do not even get it when they need it. 
Whenever in the class or in college, anyone would need a pad, she would either have to go to everyone and ask for it or rush to nearest shop to purchase a pack of it. 
Breaking the menstrual taboo is still tough nut to crack. I have seen girls shying about asking for a sanitary napkin even from their classmates.  
Although government has been running free sanitary pad programmes for adolescents where a girl student receives a pack of pads on a regular basis. Scheme for promotion of menstrual hygiene has rolled out in 17 states in 1092 blocks through central supply of “Free days” sanitary napkins. 
However, recently published article in a leading daily, ‘The Hindu’ shows that such government programmes are often marred by lack of funds, as ensuring a continuous supply of disposable single use pads is not a one-time expense. Not only such programmes are financially unsustainable for government, but are also inadequate as girls receive only about 5 or 6 pads per month. There also exists a large gap between the guidelines and the actual practices. (Courtesy: The logical Indian). 
I request you all to sign this petition in large number and support the cause so that this delicate issue can be enforced through the government intervention by requesting the ministry for making it compulsory norm for all the universities and academic institutions to install Sanitary napkins vending machines and incinerators. 

This International Women’s Day, give them freedom from unhygienic menstruation and let them complete their safe journey from the #Dirty_Red_To_No_Shed.