Indian Muslims need a law for protection against atrocities and injustice

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To: Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Reference: Muslims need law for protection against atrocities and injustice, such as the POA enacted in 1989 for SCs and Sts

I’m addressing some concerns and issues that have plagued over the Muslim Community in the past decades and continue to surge in intensity. The Muslim Population is outraged and disappointed over these incidents where a Muslim Indian National is addressed, referred and mocked as a Pakistani. It is deemed an insult and a disgrace by us Muslims to be treated with such disparity within our own nation.

I request my esteemed and respected PM Modi ji, who has done such tremendous work in trying to work for the benefit of our nation, “Sab ka Raaj Sab Ka Vikaas” this is our leadership Slogan and belief and this is what we as the people of the nation we expect.

We as a nation have surpassed many similar attacks on targeted groups of historically disadvantaged people and have passed laws that now protect the SCs and STs. Most recent example of the laws put in enacted in 1989 (POA) that protect our Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe against atrocities. This law was passed to define specific crimes against the SCs and STs as “atrocities”, and discusses strategies and sets down punishments to counter these acts.

Muslims have now overtime become the target of Social Injustice with fewer opportunities for the people of Muslim Dissent and increased social injustice. The biggest and most derogatory treatment has been the constant reference of Muslims of Indian Origin as Pakistani with no rights over our motherland and no protection against these treatment under the constitution. The violence and atrocities have considerably been up over the years against the Muslims of Indian Origin in the name of many different targeted agendas.

Before this matter breaks all boundaries and brings an important and socially integral group of people to despair the government must speak up against such factions of people that propagate this rhetoric.

We the Muslims of India are looking at the current leadership who believes in inclusive growth for all in this great nation to intervene and implement certain laws like the “POA” making these propagandist activities illegal and protect the rights of the Muslim people.

Petition By : Juned Qazi