Hang the rapists of Priyanka Reddy NOW

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Dear Mr Prime Minister of India

Hope you are doing well! I know  you must be. You have the best security guards of the country protecting you.

But what are our faults?! Just being women can't leave us at stake. Just being an ordinary person can't be our fault as well. Can you please sit up and do something about this? Why are we violated every now and then? Why are people so scared for the women they are linked to and want to flee away from the country? Hope you are understanding the issue I am talking about. It's the Dr Priyanka Reddy murder case. 

I want the accused to be hanged publicly and so brutally that the next man trying to violate any single woman of any age by any means would shiver in fear. Please don't spend another seven years like Nirbhaya case to take the decision and by that time another Priyanka Reddy would brutally violated and murdered. Please do it now. May be tomorrow or may be day after but please don't  spend years after years. If a surgical strike is possible in two weeks to teach "them" a lesson as they violated us in Uri so hanging of the accused would also be possible I think. Both are violation of human rights. So both should be dealt with same seriousness. Hope you understand.


Thanks and Regards