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Faculty Status for Academic Library Professionals in India

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This petition is made on behalf of more than one lakh academic library professionals who are working in different Higher Education Institutions in India. Till 2006, UGC had extended parity to the academic library professionals with that of teachers, where as since 2006 some of the advantages given to teachers are withdrawn for librarians such as project grants to librarians, difference in academic grade pay, age of retirement, et. Hence, this apperal is made to the concerened authorities to continue the above parity to library professionals in the interest of academic fraternity at large. 

A detailed memorandum covering all the anamolies caused to the academic library professionals can be referred at the following url:  

Summary of the petition:

Education is different from imparting knowledge (teaching); imparting knowledge is a must to educate the individuals. A reliable yard-stick for measuring the standard of any nation is it’s qualitative cum quantitative level of education. Unfortunately, education has failed to receive due attention though it is the prime instrument in achieving the progress of mankind. This may be, because it is not a money earning or vote-bank repository in the democratic set up. Apparently, it is the most economical and quick way to achieve national progress.

          Educational process, in view of the stupendous technological advancement, has undergone sea-change. Learning has become very complex; it is entwined with other disciplines like computer science, digitised/electronic library services, web surfing, fiscal aid, participation and involvement of public, funding agencies, philanthropic services, to cite only a few. Amongst these, the Library Information Services ranks first and foremost. It, infact is an integral part of academics.  In other words, it is a pity that it is given a step-motherly treatment and kept out of academics for no valid reason. Moreover. Who is accountable for this plight is unknown. Many terse metaphoric phrases drive home the rapport that exists between academics and Library Information Service. They, in terse phraseology or metaphorically are two inseparables:

Academics & LIS are:

  1. Siamese twins   (conjoined twins)
  2. Corsican Brothers (conjoined twins later separated but (behaving same Novel by A.Dumas)
  3. Two Wheels of moving Chariot
  4. Three legged race
  5. Two marching legs
  6. Identical twins
  7. Gemini (Astronomy: nearby stars, astrology symbol)
  8. Two faces of the same coin

The above adages are enough to convince the sanctioning authorities.

Proper and effective education mandatorily requires two components namely teachingi.e. Academics and Library Information Services (LIS). These are involuntary and they must run concurrently. It is a misfortune that LIS has failed to receive as much attention and aid as education does! The reasons are too many and the outlook towards LIS is far less than it deserves; the onus of this fault is on many: 1.Indifference, inferiority complex and tolerance of LIS professionals. 2. Perfunctory attitude of Educationists and administrators. 3. Paucity of funds due to inadequate allocation. 4. Ignorance of LIS in teaching. 5. Lack of zeal fight for improving plight of LIS personnel.

          On the whole, Teaching and Library services are like two legs; when one leg is on the ground the other steps forward, so also with the other leg. If education has to move forwards, Education and LIS must move ahead concurrently with equal speed; then and only then India is ordained to march ahead to make up for the lag and achieve international accolade

This document may be considered as a collective representation from all the Academic Librarians in justifying their position as another segment of academic professionals who play equally a very important role in teaching, learning and research process of higher education through knowledge acquisition, organisation and dissemination in academic Libraries.

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