Declare 'October 15th - Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's birthday' as "National Ideation Day"

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Respected Prime Minister of India,

India’s population will overtake China’s by 2028. India is the youngest country in the world with more than 65 percent population under 35 years of age. India’s population is a threat as well as an opportunity

Threat is when we are unable to create jobs to this huge youth population, the same youth will hit the roads and create chaos because they are not engaged in any work. Sadly, there are already a significant number of youngsters who have already taken up these activities on a regular basis.

These are some of the effects if we don’t solve the problem of unemployment:

1) Political instability. 2) Civil unrest. 3) Exploitation of labour. 4) Industrial disputes. 5) Social problems. 6) Increase in poverty. 7) Loss of human resources. 8) Diversion of interests to easy money & crimes. 9) Migration of population to foreign countries. 

Opportunity is when we are able to create jobs to such huge population, India’s rise as a super power and developed country is just a formality as majority of population is engaged in some kind of meaningful work. 

How we can create jobs? 

The only way by which we create jobs is by putting seeds of ideas in minds of our youth and children. 

The people’s president Dr. Kalam famously said, “The ignited soul compared to any resource is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth” 

The missile man emphasized on the utilization of human potential for bolstering India’s development. Dr. Kalam represents a powerful Idea called as ‘DEVELOPED INDIA’. He envisaged Vision 2020. For him, developed India was not only about economic development but also about human values development. 

Can we achieve his vision 2020? 

It has already been 70+ years since independence and we are still miles away from being developed. India is blessed with abundant human resources. If we can tap these human resources for ideation, development will be an eventuality. 

Development is two-way exercise and is only possible if people actively reciprocate to the efforts put on to them by the government. Unfortunately, we still see people not reciprocating to the one of the finest initiatives ‘SWATCH BHARAT’. We still see people spitting and throwing litter on the roads.

Then, how we can develop India? 

The thought of ‘IDEATION FOR DEVELOPMENT’ must be imbibed into the minds of people. Most people are looking for freebies in spite of having the capacity to come out of their distress through ideation. For a population whose mind is blunted by populism, the only savior evident to them is the government. This thinking is prevailing in the majority of Indian Population.

We request for your support on declaration of Dr. Kalam’s birthday (15th October) as ‘NATIONAL IDEATION DAY’. It will be a fitting tribute to this great man whose life was dedicated to the development of India. 

This declaration will create massive impact in this country. This single day will give a window to the people to think about the solutions through ideation about the problems in this country. This will pave a path for the shift from Populism To Self-Reliance. 


1) This idea will enable people to realize the power of ideation giving them self-belief that they can solve their own problems. 

2) Schools, colleges, universities, and communities will participate and ideate the whole day which eventually brings out millions of ideas on that single day. 

3) It will inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship that will be pivotal for job creation. 

4) Rewards and support can be given to the people sustaining their idea for more than a year. 

5) Corporate, NGOs, and other social organizations can come up with workshops to encourage ideation among people. 

6) Village panchayats can collaborate with the ideation teams & help bring out simple & economic ideas of the villagers on developing their localities.

7) Social media platforms can create a path for putting in new ideas, steps for economic schemes & promoting patents of individuals. 

8) Skill development centers can help in raising the number of voluntary members regarding ideation & its sessions. 

Let the Kalam’s dream percolate to every nook and corner of this country through this ‘NATIONAL IDEATION DAY’. 

Declaration of this day will change the course of our history, inspiring numerous people to create wonders with their ideas and script the story of developed India. 

Signing off, let’s build our nation through ideation.

-Team Jatayu