Declare E-Cigarettes as illegal products as Nicotine is addictive and endangers health

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E-cigarettes, are the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System devices, which have been falsely claimed as a harm-reduction strategy for smokers. These products,that are on the way to become popular among-st youth are highly addictive and contain certain carcinogens and heavy metals (nickel, chrome), raising health concerns. Punjab became the first state of India to use the available provisions under Drugs and Cosmetics Act to restrict the rising menace of ENDS in the year 2013.Many cases were launched against sale of E-Cigarettes.In a court case decided in Mohali -Punjab, a seller of ENDS was penalized with a fine of one Lakh INR and a penalty of Fifty five thousand INR was imposed in Sangrur. Rigorous imprisonment of three years was imposed in both cases A circular was re-issued by C-FDA Punjab on 3rd.October,2018 reiterating the commitment.The process led to declaration of these products as unapproved products for sale under Drugs and Cosmetics Act in 11 other states of India (besides Punjab) namely Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Mizoram,Himachal Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Jharkhand. An advisory was also issued by Ministry of Health Govt.of India in August 2018,urging the states to act against e-cigarettes as unapproved products.These harmful products are being manufactured or marketed by the tobacco Industry and are mostly being bought online by children and youth.E-Cigarettes promote dual usage instead of helping in cessation and is mostly being used by never smokers.Companies producing E-Cigarettes especially JUUL is eyeing lucrative Indian market to make huge profits at the cost of health of minors and youth.  Claim that these products are less harmful than cigarettes is a meaningless statement because cigarette is the most harmful product in the world and every product is far-far less harmful than cigarette when used as per manufacturers instructions.  So these products should be declared as illegal by Govt. of and India to save our young generation.  Current cigarette smokers and other tobacco users have many other avenues available to help them to stop their tobacco use.