Declare Doctors, Nurses & Para-Medics as ‘Covid Warriors’

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Honourable PM Sri Narendra Modi ji,

Declare the Doctors, Nurses and Para-Medics fighting the Covid -19 as ‘Covid Warriors’ and make it a National policy applying to all the States and Union Territories of India.

Odisha CM Hon. Sri Naveen Patnaik ji has come up with the declaration for those treating #Covid19, “In the absence of any cure or vaccine those fighting the Covid19 war for us, doctors and healthcare professionals are taking a huge risk by putting themselves in the front. We have a rich tradition of honoring our brave hearts that fight for the country and acknowledge their supreme sacrifice. In the same spirit we propose to recognize and honor the valiant work being done by Doctors, Nurses and Para-Medics as our ‘Covid Warriors’.”

"Entire human race is in fight with coronavirus and the World has lost more than 2 lakh lives in a span of three months. No continent has been spared and most countries are in a state of war with this invisible enemy,"

If doctor or other supportive services persons die while treating Covid-19 patients, they are to be given Martyr status and their Funeral shall be with State honours.

Their family members to get the full salary till the date of their retirement and other benefits as usual. The family gets immediately Rs. 50 lakh and the Family member gets a job.

The people who manhandle the Doctors and medical staff, to be booked under NSA (National Security Act).

It is hereby appealed to your good selves to kindly consider this appeal and declare this as a Nation Policy.

Regards, Jai Hind