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Declare Anniversary of JRD Tata's first flight as National Aviation Day

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Shri Narendra Modiji
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Government of India

Respected Sir,

On behalf of the aviation enthusiasts of our country may I present before your kind self this petition:

Our country, India is now known as the fastest growing aviation market in the entire world. As we march towards the leading position it is only appropriate that we also display our commitment to the cause of aviation. Sir, in the United States of America the 19th of August is celebrated as National Aviation Day every year. 19th of August happens to be the birthday of Orville Wright, the first person to accomplish powered flight, and it is only in the fitness of things that they have decided to celebrate his date of birth as the National Aviation Day.

Sir, we too have a rich aviation heritage of which we are justifiably proud and now it is time that India too starts celebrating our own National Aviation Day. The Late Bharat Ratna Air Vice Marshal JRD Tata is considered the father of civil aviation in India as it was his first flight in October 15th 1932 which heralded the dawn of airmail services in our country. Sir, it would be only appropriate that October 15th be declared as the National Aviation Day of India. It would be more appropriate if you Sir, declare it on the 15th of October this year as we are celebrating the 85th anniversary of his flight in 2017.

Sir, may I also bring to your kind attention that all over the world it is common practise to name airports after famous aviators and other aviation pioneers. Please find given below a list of some airports named after aviation pioneers:

Otto Lilienthal Airport, Berlin -Tegel, Germany named after gliding pioneer Otto Lilienthal
Wilbur Wright Field, Dayton, USA named after Wilbur Wright
Saint Expert Airport, Lyon, France named after Antoine St.Exupery Aviation pioneer and author
Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil named after aviaiotn pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont
Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, Luque, Paraguay named after aviation pioneer Silvio Pettirossi
Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney, Australia named after Charles Kingsford Smith
Wiley Post Aiport, Oklahoma named after Wiley Post, the first pilot to circumnavigate the world
Amelia Earhart Airport, Aitchison, Kansas named after Amelia Earhart the first lady pilot to cross the Atlantic solo
Billy Mitchell Airport, Frisco, North Carolina named after Gen. Billy Mitchell considered the father of the US Air Force
O’Hare Airport, Chicago named after Lt.Cmdr. Edward O’Hare naval aviator and US Navy’s first Ace.
Yeager Airport, Charleston, USA named after Charles Yeager the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound.
George Bush Airport, Houston, Texas named after George Bush who was a pilot in the US Navy and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Bellanca Airport, Delaware, USA named after Giuseppe Bellanca, aeroplane designer
Bert Mooney Airport, Montana, USA named after aviation pioneer Bert Mooney
Boeing Filed named after William Boeing aviation pioneer who founded the Boeing company
Beech Aiport, Kansas, USA named after Walter Beech American pioneer aviator.
Cessna Airport, Wichita, Kansas, named after American aviation pioneer, Clyde Cessna
William Piper Memorial Airport, Pennsylvania named after aviation pioneer, William T. Piper
Sikorsky Memorial Airport named after Igor Sikorsky Russian- American aviation pioneer
Dassault Airport, Chateauroux, France named after Marcel Dassault, French aircraft manufacturer
Roland Garros Airport, Sainte-Marie, Reunion named after French aviator Roland Garros
Jackie Cochran Airport, California named after Jackie Cochran first lady pilot to cross the sound barrier
Miens Filed,Chicago named after Merril C. Meigs aviation enthusiast who taught the former President of the US, Harry S. Truman to fly
Pappy Boyington Field in Idaho, USA named after World War II Ace Gregory “Pappy” Boyington
Carlstrom Field in Arcadia, Florida named after Swedish-American pioneer aviator Victor Carlstrom
Craig Field in Selma, Alabama named after Bruce Kilpatrick Craig a Flight Test Engineer
Bradley International Airport in Connecticut,USA, named after a pilot Eugene M. Bradley
Dallas Love Field, in Dallas, Texas named after a pilot Moss L. Love
Prescott Love Field in Prescott, Arizona named after a pilot Ernest A. Love
Phoenix Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona named after a pilot Charles Linton Williams
Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport, Winslow named after Charles Lindbergh the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
San Diego- Lindbergh Airport named after Charles Lindbergh
Montgomery Field, San Diego named after aviation pioneer John J. Montgomery
Merrill Field, Anchorage, Alaska named after Alaskan aviation pioneer, Russel Merrill
William T. Piper Airport, Pennsylvania named after aircraft designer and manufacturer William T. Piper
Hemet-Ryan Airport, California named after Claude T. Ryan Irish-American aviator best known for founding many airlines.
Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio named after Edward Rickenbacker highest scoring American Ace and later head of Eastern Airlines
Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City, named after Wiley Post the first pilot to circumnavigate the World.
Ralph Wien Memorial Airport in Kotzebue, Alaska named after pilot Ralph Wien
Stinson Airport, San Antonio named after aviation pioneer Edward Stinson
Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, New York named after pioneer aviator Floyd Bennett
Francis Gaberski Airport in Suffolk Country, New York named after Polish-American pilot Francis Stanley Gaberski
Whitman Airport, Wisconsin named after air racing pilot Steve Wittman
Richard Bong Airport, Wisconsin, USA, named after US Airforce pilot Richard Bong
Max Conrad Field in Minnesota named after record breaking pilot Max Conrad
Sabiha Gocken International Airport, Istanbul named after Sabiha Gocken the first Turkish female combat pilot
Jorge Newbury International Airport in Palermo named after Jorge Newbery an Argentinian pilot
Arturo Merino Benitz Airport in Santiago Chile named after Arturo Merino Benitez founder of the Chilean Air Force.
Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, Canada named after Canadian ace and Victoria Cross recipient Billy Bishop
Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao, Peru named after Peruvian aviator Jorge F. Chavez
Lunken Field , Cincinnati named after Air Racing pilot Edmund Lunken
Douglas McCurdy Airport in Nova Scotia Canada named after Canadian aviation pioneer John Alexander McCurdy
Regina International Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada named after Regina Roland Groome, Canada’s first Commercial Airline Pilot
Pearson International Airport, Ontario, Canada named after Lester B. Pearson who was a pilot in the Canadian Air Force in World War I

In this context may I request your kind self to name the next major airport in India as JRD Tata International Airport.

Thanking You,


Air India











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