Dear PM, can you hear me?

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Dear PM Sir.

I plead to you Sir, to help resolve my grievances. I have been running from pillar to post for almost 10 years now.

In March 2005, a 50% capital subsidy scheme was announced for setting up of tourism projects in rural areas. As I was already in the tourism trade I decided to set up a Resort property in Baratang Island so as to enable development of tourism in Middle & North Andaman. For women entrepreneurs the subsidy reimbursement was 100%. One other requirement of the Industries Department was that the property was to be of 3 star standards. After procuring the land, and getting necessary approvals, I submitted my pre-registration application  in the Directorate of Industries in accordance with the scheme. Thereafter, after mobilizing funds from friends, relatives and a loan from SBI, I set up Dew Dale Resorts in record time. I started commercial activity on 01.01.2008. It was then time to submit my claim. As per the scheme, claim was to be submitted within one year of starting commercial operations. Unfortunately, my pre-registration application was not processed by the department as it was lost by some irresponsible officer. This information I got through the help of RTI. Acting upon the scheme I had altered my position, but I have been denied subsidy till date. The subsidy case is in the courts and has presently completed three rounds of litigation even after getting favorable orders from the court.

In February 2011, the resort was sealed by the Administration on the pretext of a Supreme Court order citing that the resort was in the Tribal Buffer Zone even though it had already been verified by the competent authority that the resort was located beyond the notified buffer zone.

The resort was sealed for three years. In this time, the Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Regulation was modified and subsequently the Buffer Zone notification was also  modified. In December 2013, the Resort was handed over to me in a ruined and dilapidated condition. With the help of another bank loan from a different bank I was able to restore the property somewhat and began selling a few rooms which were in ok condition. In July 2015, the Bank took possession of the property under SARFAESI, after asking not only for the repayment of the loan but for interest for the period that the administration had sealed the property. This case is in DRT, Kolkata, The bench there has remained vacant for more than a year now.

Sir, I am from a middle class family. It was only because of the subsidy scheme I decided to invest here. I have no words to describe the mental & financial suffering of the past 10 years. It has been a nightmare. To help me through after the Bank took possession of the property in 2015 I had to resort to crowdfunding through Facebook. Still the Andaman & Nicobar administration is not bothered and refuses to resolve my issues. What will it take to get them to undo the wrong that has been done? Do I have to take the extreme step? Then what good would that be to me??? So, despite losing all hope, I thought to try once again. Please help resolve my grievances:

1.       I want the resort returned back to me. Needless to say, a lot of people will be saved-Myself & my family, my staff(ex), all those who helped me financially and who are facing problems because of the same, numerous other poor people who were directly and indirectly dependent on the resort for their livelihood. I set up the resort in 2007. I must have run the setup for hardly 3 years altogether. The property which was a dream project is in ruins. I have lost the best part of my life. Any longer and there won’t be any point in fighting.

2.       The draconian Buffer Zone Notification which had been announced during the period of previous LG needs to be revisited/rescinded. This is necessary as the Notification has and will hamper the future development of these Islands. The Buffer Zone fiasco or the real story behind it needs looking into to determine the why and how of its birth.  This BZN will be a weapon in the hands of wrong people. Also, there are certain irregularities in the Notification, schedule, proviso etc which need to be looked into and rectified.

3.       Resolve the subsidy issue by giving me my 100% capital subsidy.

4.       Give me compensation as deemed fit and proper for these 10 years of hell.

Small People, Small lives…but we all have just this one life.

Sir, I  once again plead to you to kindly direct the A&N Administration to look into my grievances and resolve them at the earliest.


Jessy John

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