Commit To Ensuring A Healthy Work-Life Balance For Working Indians #RightToDisconnect

Commit To Ensuring A Healthy Work-Life Balance For Working Indians #RightToDisconnect

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Stress, Burnouts and Sleeplessness. Almost every working Indian has faced these symptoms at one point in their life.

The reason: Persistent urge to respond to calls and office emails throughout the day, and even on weekends and holidays because of work pressure.

I am worried. There is a serious health condition that is rapidly affecting lakhs of urban working Indians, like you and me: people who use smartphones with high-speed data to stay connected to work 24/7.

And no one seems to be taking notice. Most companies on paper say they have atet 8 to 9 hour working day. But the truth is they make employees work way beyond that, including weekends.

Those among us who complain about a disturbed work-life balance will truly get what “telepressure” means. Those who consistently work more than 60 hours a week and well past 9pm are the worst-affected.

I decided to do something about this modern-day illness when I read a World Economic Forum report.

I’ve started this campaign asking all political parties to make the #RightToDisconnect a reality for every working Indian. Sign my petition.

It is our right to lead happy, stress-free lives.

I had introduced a Bill in Parliament on 28th December 2018 and am determined to see it through because it will transform the system. Here are some of the most important points in the bill

  • respects the personal space of the employees by recognising their right to disconnect and not respond to their employer’s calls, emails etc., during out-of-work hours.
  • takes into consideration the competitive needs of the companies and their diverse work cultures.
  • entitles an employee to overtime pay if s/he is made to work in out-of-work hours
  • mandates company to explicitly lay out their out-of-work demands from their employees, giving employees a chance to either choose to work or enforce their right to disconnect.
  • provides for constitution of Employees’ Welfare Committees at every company to assist the employees in negotiations with employers.
  • imposes penalties on companies that fail to respect an employee’s right to disconnect after office hours
  • provides for counselling services to increase awareness among employees and citizens on the reasonable use of digital and communication tools, for professional and personal use; as well as for digital detox centres.

I truly believe that the #RightToDisconnect is an issue that connects us all. Because at the end of the day we want some time to just be ourselves.

Be it with our family, friends, pets or by ourselves curled up with a book, or watching a movie without those annoying messages from the office.

My party, the Nationalist Congress Party, is already committed to making #RightToDisconnect a reality. Sign my petition today so as to get all political parties to act on this.

As a Member of Parliament, I urge the citizens to share their feedback and recommendations to improve the provisions of this Bill.  Please park your comments or feedback on this Bill here on my online petition and also on my twitter handle @supriya_sule with the hashtags #RTD #RightToDisconnect.