#bncmccagaudit Improve basic necessities of Bhiwandi city worst road, health & education.

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People of Bhiwandi city.

Bhiwandi city is located in Thane district of Maharashtra state, famous for its power loom industry and warehouses around the world. Not only that, once upon a time this city was referred as India's Manchester, but also was the most revenue giving city in India. Bhiwandi city and the people of the city have served the nation on day to day basis but we are so unfortunate that city could not get any attention from any prevailing government in state and centre. In 2002, Bhiwandi Nagarpalika became Mahanagarpalika. Before being a Mahanagarpalika when Bhiwandi was a Nagarpalika it contributed highest revenue to country but Bhiwandi Nagarpaliak, which became the Mahanagarpalika, gradually went under the debt of several hundred crore rupees and the municipal corporation became ineligible for the wages of municipal employees, and in the general maintenance of the city.

Bad roads, garbage, dull schools, college with no facility, all this has become the fate of Bhiwandi city and the people of the city. Now the city is cleaned up only when a big leader or minister arrives in city. Because of the bad roads, every second either someone gets injured or dies accidentally. We have fatal problem of drinking water, heavy electricity bill, trivial healthcare, and the hospital lacking basic facilities like MRI and XRAY. No such facility is available in this city in a perfect way, so that a common citizen can pass his life properly.
Therefore, we want to know what are the reasons for such deteriorated condition of our city hence you are requested that to order the Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation's audit of the last 50 years by Comptroller and Auditor General of India. We the citizen of Bhiwandi city believe that if currency can be banned with immediate effect then CAG audit orders can be also released in same way. If not done so then we the citizen of Bhiwandi city would be forced to boycott 2019 Loksabha elections. No CAG audit order of BNMC then No votes. Hope you will make a tough decision in this matter immediately.