Ban on reciting azan through sound amplifying devices or loudspeakers.

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Dear Supreme Court of India & Honourable PM

We being the youth of this country being cognizant about our basic human rights and fundamental rights know that one of which is right to sleep too, Every citizen of this country has the right to live in peace.
We live in a country where the pollution is already at high pace be it noise ,water, air etc. So , we cannot ignore the unnecessary disruptions being made by people which increases the pollution by any chance.
I live in a place where there is a mosque just behind my house, Where azaan is being recited everyday 5 times all 365 days that too on sound amplifying devices or loudspeakers which creates commotion in the society.
Apart from all the residents , we have a school and a nursing home around our place too.
It’s not about their religious practice being carried on, but its about disturbance caused to other people because of sound amplifying devices. Reciting azaan being their religious practice is no issue every individual have the right to carry out their religious practises but creating unnecessary use of loudspeakers disturbs other people and creates commotion in the society.
No citizen can forcefully hear anything which he does not like or which he does not require because its our violation of fundamental right.

Now the concern here is , it creates ‘Noise pollution’ by reciting azaan everyday on “loudspeakers” that too 5 times a day.

Prayer 1:- The government while respecting old age people with heart diseases, students in school, patients in nursing homes should say no to recite azaan on “loudspeakers” or “sound amplifying” devices around those areas.

Prayer 2:- Ban the loudspeakers being used while reciting azaan in mosques because its not the integral part of there religion, the use of loudspeakers is not
At all necessary its not written anywhere.

Our law prohibits loud noises because it creates noise pollution, but who cares?
We have to shut DJ’s in weddings after 10 and we cannot shut loudspeaker being used 5 times a day that too in residential areas where people try to live at peace in their houses but because of the noise they tend to wake up in the morning at 5am for someone else praying.
What if old age people or kids want to rest if they aren’t well?
If they need to pray 5 times in a day they can do it on their own, rather than forcing and calling people through sound amplifying devices to listen azaan and forcing their religion on us.

It violates our fundamental right under article 21 i.e. Right to life with dignity which includes our right for peaceful sleep , Article 23-24 rights against exploitation- forced religion and it also violates the noise pollution(control and regulation)rules,2000 using loudspeakers above the permissible decibel levels.

We can refer to new major ruling by Allahabad high court judgement , on the same basis we pray honourable court to consider our request.

The bench said that Azaan may be an essential and integral part of Islam but recitation of Azan through loud-speakers or other sound amplifying devices cannot be said to be an integral part of the religion warranting protection of the fundamental right enshrined under Article 25 of the Constitution of India, which is even otherwise subject to public order, morality or health and to other provisions of part III of the Constitution of India.

Staying in national capital territory is a matter of prestige in the name of peaceful life but reality is far away due to daily disturbance caused in the name of azaan five times a day, After looking at the judgement we can totally say that Now its our time to raise our voice against our rights getting infringed, its time to make a change so that each and every citizen shall live peacefully in their homes.

The solution for this would be the ban of loudspeakers in mosques for reciting azaan as It tends to infringe our fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution and our right to sleep is getting infringed by Reciting of azaan on loudspeakers.
I am personally disturbed by loudspeakers and can totally relate with the people around me going through the same be it students in schools, residents and patients in nursing home.

I would like to seek justice from the honourable court and pray to take the action as deem fit by the court.