Apathy of government is crippling the future of 10,000 youths.

Apathy of government is crippling the future of 10,000 youths.

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My dad is a marginal farmer from Telangana. He toiled hard in raging sun for years to provide quality education for me.I studied hard to not let him down and finally cleared a central government exam. The day final results were out my dad was elated. I can see a sigh of relief on his face. Finally, after a life of penury, we thought we will be out of our financial miseries. But then the reality of India hit us hard.

A fellow candidate filed a case in CAT challenging the result of SSC-CGLE 2016 because his answer sheet was not evaluated for failing to fill some trivial details.These kind of cases are not uncommon for the commission and it already had clear directives issued by the honourable supreme court in a previous case. But the commission chose to ignore those directives and allowed a flurry of new litigations to be filed in courts.

We hoped the matter would be resolved in a month or two. But the matter went to high court. There are 10,661 other aspirants just like me, deprived and devastated. So we moved to court by pooling money. We hired a reputed lawyer who charged us almost 4 Lakhs to argue our case. We placed our hopes on the judiciary and are quite optimistic until suddenly our lawyer failed to attend in court. Thanks to the alleged collusion between lawyers we should now wait for the next date of hearing which is scheduled after 3 months.

Who failed us?

  1. Incompetent bureaucrats heading Staff selection commission.
  2. Irresponsive executive machinery under Jitendra Singh.

Respected politicians and bureaucrats, we are a bunch of unemployed people who struggle to fulfil our bare necessities. Our families are often poor they struggled to raise us. We are working part-time as caterers, as librarians though we are graduates, though we were selected for a coveted government post. Please pay heed to us. As the matter is sub judice we know you couldn't do much. All we want is your support, your words of consolation.

You people are capable of moving our files.You are capable of nudging the system. We still believe you. Please don't fail us.