Abolish Censorship in India

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Petition by Raj Amit Kumar, and the People of India,

We all need to know that Censor Board is operating unconstitutionally in the way it offers cuts to the filmmakers in India and refuses to certify films. 

This petition is to preserve our right to absolute freedom of speech and expression in cinema by abolishing the Censor board and establishing an industry operated rating agency for information on "age appropriateness". We, the People of India, sign this petition to save freedom of speech and expression from any interference and we demand that the Supreme Court of India issue a directive to the government to abolish Censor Board and to respect freedom of speech and expression of all Indians to the extent that: 

"There shall be no law that abridge the freedom of speech and expression,  and everyone should have the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and without any interference, regardless of frontiers.”

 “If there is one right that is most fundamental, it is our right to speak. No matter who it offends and no matter who it insults. There is no freedom of speech and expression if there are restrictions to it. It is one freedom that should be absolute and worth dying for.” – Raj Amit Kumar