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Remove all changes to environmental policies from bill C-38

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Bill C-38 also known as the budget implementation bill contains a shockingly blatant attack on Canadian environmental protection policies including the removing of habitat protection from the fisheries act, changes to the species at risk act allowing the National Energy Board to approve the destruction of habitat for endangered species, and a complete re-write of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act where only environmental effects on fish and migratory birds will be considered in an assessment. All this and more is buried deep within the massive 400+ page omnibus bill which is about to be forced through without so much as a hint of public discussion or even a proper evaluation by experts in the field of environmental policy. The changes proposed by this bill will prove to be devastating to Canada's natural ecosystems and only serve the interest of multi-billion dollar energy corporations. We cannot allow this to happen. It is time we started practicing truly sustainable and responsible resource management in this country. It is time that Canadians stand up and tell Stephen Harper that we will not sacrifice our natural heritage for the short term benefit of a few rich corporations.

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