Canada Must Stop Supporting And Arming Saudi Arabia

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The Government of Canada should stop selling all weapons to Saudi Arabia immediately. Saudi Arabia has the worst human rights record in the world and it is also involved in the ongoing conflict in Yemen in which hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed and injured. The UN had blacklisted the Saudi Arabia led coalition for killing children in Yemen air strikes, which under Saudi pressure on the UN since has been removed. It has targeted and bombed funeral homes, markets, schools and hospitals which should not be labeled anything less of war crimes. According to UNICEF one child dies in Yemen every ten minutes and at least 462,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition with 2.2m in need of urgent care due to this conflict.

At home, The Saudi regime has arrested, tortured and sentenceld to death pro democracy protestor's who dare stand up and demand equal rights, as in the case of Ali Al-Nimr, Dawoud Al-Marhoon and Abdullah Al-Zaher who were arrested as teenagers and have been languishing in jail for years now waiting to be beheaded. Instead of addressing its ciizens legitimate grievances, Saudi Arabia will arrest them, torture them and sentenced them to death to silence them. Saudi Arabia does not respect the basic human rights of its citizens.Then you have the case of Raif Badawi a blogger, who was exercising his right to freedom of expression and has been sentenced to 10 years in prision and 1000 lashes whose wife and three children reside in Quebec after being granted asylum. Along with its human rights abuses, The Canadian government cannot with good conscience sell arms to a country where their may be even the slightest chance that these arms can be used to kill innocent civilians in another country or be used to kill the citizens in their own country. The Canadian government should stand for human rights and not sell arms to a country that violates the basic human rights of its citizens & executes children. The Canadian Government should not be selling weapons to a country that is targetting innoncent civilian is Yemen. We urge you to please stop the sales of weapons to this country. Here provided are some links to articles about the arms deal: