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HELP SAVE KISKA (World's Loneliest Orca)

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It is time to take action for “World’s Loneliest Orca” Kiska, who resides within the walls of Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

   PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to appeal to the Government of Canada and Ontario to exercise their political power and influence to save this treasured and extremely-social life from her imprisonment at this marinepark.

   In recent months, the province of Ontario passed a bill which makes it illegal to purchase, sell or breed orcas – a new law that is part of the Governments plan for better protection of marine mammals.  However, with the much appreciation and gratitude with the approved bill, there is also some outcries due to the fact that KISKA is excluded from it.

    The acknowledgement of Kiska’s enslavement and her isolated existence is a main concern for many animal activists/advocates and countless individuals, and that the issues/concerns of her physical, psychological welfare is at risk and needs attention before it is too late. 

   Although the new ban will also allow for the strengthening of standards for the care for other marine animals (including Kiska) in her case many are questioning how such care can be provided, considering the nature of this beloved animal being highly social now isolated.

    We need the World and the Governments to be aware that this isolated existence is unhealthy and psychologically damaging to this innocent being, and to remain within captivity is only going to ensure further destruction upon her welfare and well-being.

     The time to bring attention to this issue is now, for the fate of KISKA is within our hands and within the power of our voices – We as humanity can achieve this goal,  for if you observe the power behind the voices against SeaWorld, and the impact that such influence can make, then we can unite as humanity and help #FreeKiska

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