RE activate tracking of International inbound/outbound mail by Canadapost

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RE activate tracking of International inbound/outbound mail by Canadapost

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Mehdi Kasumov started this petition to Canada Post (CEO, Canadapost) and

For the Past 3 years Canada post stopped tracking ANY registered mail as soon as it reaches Canadian borders.

As a result hundreds of thousands of registered parcels, mails are not being tracked , therefore unnecessarily delayed, kept by Customs Canada and assumably Canadian Post Warehouses.

Recent conversation with Canada post Customer Services revealed that it takes 42 business days for Canadian customs to release any mail in Vancouver locations, 35 days in St.Laurent/Montreal locations. After that it takes "what it takes" for Canada post to distribute it to the recipients, in many cases 3 to 6 months.

As this is being a registered mail service that costs in Canada 17 CAD it is ridiculous why any Canadian has to pay this amount for the mail to be tracked and not being able to see where it is currently held. Surprisingly non registered mail arrives FASTER than registered.

Many of us after all cancel many deals on online shopping portals, get their visas/job applications denied for not receiving the mail on time(!), lose clients and customers because "Canadapost does not offer tracking and therefore we cannot send goods to Canada", and it destroys our faith in Canadapost as a PROVIDER OF ESSENTIAL SERVICE.

Why Thai, Lithuanian, Cambodian, Spanish, Russian Posts or any third world country's postal services are able to connect to the World Tracking Database and provide this service to their and all other customers and Canadapost SIMPLY REFUSES to do it??

Have look at the reply from Canadapost when asked why we cannot see updates as soon as registered mail reaches Canadian borders:

"The service used to ship these items (international inbound registered mail) doesn't include tracking within Canada, so we won't be able to provide updates."
Canadapost  thinks that the tracking works within ONE country's borders only???When people send registered mail it ALWAYS INCLUDES TRACKING!!!
That's why the mail has INTERNATIONAL LABEL  attached to it RR,RN RC etc.

Or another reply offering Canadians instead of using REGISTERED mail (COST 17CAD) their tippled expensive traceable service EMS(42 CAD+cost of weight):

"In the future, please have the sender choose a service we track in order to obtain updates once the item arrives in Canada. We continue to track international packets, parcels and express mail service (EMS) items. We continue to obtain a signature of acceptance as proof of delivery for registered items."

So you see the comparison: for 17CAD - no tracking for 42CAD - with tracking!!!!.

Look at another PROPOSAL of Canada post:

"Tracking is no longer available on International Inbound Registered items. If you have concerns about this item, please have the sender initiate a trace with the postal service used to send the items. They will then work with Canada Post international claims to investigate. "

That means that as a Canadian, a recipient of the mail , I cannot even ask where my mail is, but when some other country's post office initiates an investigation then only Canadapost DECIDES to act? REALLY???

Is this how CANADA POST Values the Canadians?!

Put yourselves in this situation:

Fidget spinner for your kid cost in 7-eleven 7 CAD(your child will brake one every month), and it costs 0.90$ on eBay/amazon/Ali Express/alibaba for a pair,
Shipping costs by China's registered mail is 3$. So for 4 dollars you get 2 products, even with Canada customs levy and tax of 15%.
Now, if you would to use PROPOSED by Canadapost their EXPENSIVE EMS service the fidget spinner will cost you 45$ - would your kid EVER get this???

Another example: you are inviting your relative/friend from overseas to visit Canada. He/she applies for Canadian visa. Canada asks to submit application via registered mail package - they comply - but even 60 days after they have sent it -there is no tracking provided as soon as mail reaches Canada's borders - result- visa denied, people are upset, MPs contacted, hell breaks loose. Then only tracking is initiated and then only MIRACULOUSLY mail arrives or just being lost.

I want you to sign this petition and FORCE Canadapost to RE-ACTIVATE its inbound/outbound tracking of all REGISTERED MAIL because : is an ESSENTIAL service
b. it is already in place- Canada post just BLOCKS the tracking externally
c. this service is WHAT WE PAY FOR, it is not free - and it looks like Canadapost is being paid for the services charged but not provided.
d. MOST IMPORTANTLY THIS SERVICE WAS active and IS ACTIVE internally- when the outside trace is initiated by sender it miraculously finds the items.

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This petition had 232 supporters