Justice for missing journalists in the Asia-Pacific

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Justice for missing journalists in the Asia-Pacific

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In 2010, the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances came into effect with the aim to prevent enforced disappearances, uncover the truth when they do happen, and make sure survivors and victims’ families receive justice and reparation.

So far 94 states globally have signed the convention and 44 have ratified it. But most countries in the Asia-Pacific are yet to sign on, let alone ratify the convention.

Enforced disappearances, abductions and the vanishing of media workers is a reality in too many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. When a disappearance or abduction is not investigated, or states fail in their human rights obligations to defend the rights of the missing, it builds a climate of impunity for perpetrators of violence against journalists.

At least 10 journalists and media workers in the Asia-Pacific remain missing. The 10 missing media workers come from Australia, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, The Philippines and Nepal. Only the Maldives has signed the convention, but has not ratified it.

Call the leaders of these countries to stand up to their obligations as leaders to bring an end to the impunity for enforced disappearances.

In solidarity with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Asia-Pacific, we, the undersigned, urge the leaders and governments of Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Philippines to sign and ratify the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons against Enforced Disappearances and formally respond to the regional concerns over the missing journalists listed below and the state of the investigations in these cases. Where possible we strongly urge for a re-opening of these cases:

Juanita Nielsen (Australia)

Prageeth Eknaligoda (Sri Lanka)

Vadivel Nimalarajah (Sri Lanka)

Subramaniam Ramachandran (Sri Lanka)

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla (The Maldives)

Joey Estriber (The Philippines)

Madan Paudel (Nepal)

Milan Nepali (Nepal)

Prakash Singh Thakuri (Nepal)

Chitra Narayan Shrestha (Nepal)

 For more information: http://www.ifj.org/missing/

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This petition had 99 supporters

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