No Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia

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The Federal Government have announced Kimba near the pristine Flinders Ranges only 4 hours drive from Adelaide as a choice location to become a massive nuclear waste dump. Nuclear accidents and leaks around the world have poisoned the environment leaving a toxic radioactive cancer-causing legacy to future generations in our region. The proposed waste dump is near the Flinders Ranges where fossil evidence shows life on Earth first began. It's only 3 hours drive from the Great Artesian Basin and water collects there from run off over the site. The basin is one of the largest underground freshwater basins in the world and in a dry country like Australia we need to preserve our water. Recent increased flooding in the Far North of SA means the changing climate is unpredictable. Earthquakes can occur on secondary plates making the region not as stable as Governmnet and mining company geologists have us believe. They certainly can't tell us the climate or geology of the region in 250,000 years which is the high level wastes half life. Although we are being told this is for medical waste only it's the thin edge of the wedge and eventually we will be taking in high level waste from France and they have tonnes of it building up. This will have to be transported right across the country with no effective risk management process in place in case of an accident. South Australians have been poisoned enough with the atomic testing in the 1950s-60s. Everyone in SA knows someone with cancer. Do our politicians even care? The constitution states no state should be treated unequally and we in SA have had our share of poison. Write to your local MP and tell them you don't want the radioactive dump. Send a message to the Premier Steve Marshall and the Prime Minister: We don't support a Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia.