Destroy Multiple Sclerosis ... now!

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Over 26,000 Australians live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disabling disease of the Central Nervous System.

Hundreds of those people have already travelled overseas or hope to, to undergo an otherwise approved medical procedure not readily available to those with MS. These Australians find it more than difficult to understand why their own country did not, does not and will not support them in their bid to escape disability.

The procedure is Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (most often referred to as HSCT) and is the same chemotherapy procedure that leukaemia patients undergo.

It has been said that “... the best thing about MS is that it won’t kill you - but that can also be the worst thing”.

And that’s hard to hear when you’ve actually got MS.

Harder even, when you learn that in the most severe cases of MS, it can in fact kill you.

Death from MS is incredibly rare, that’s true.

But we must speak truth, while ever there is a shred of hope.

One other truth is that MS patients are asked to sign waivers before being prescribed certain tested and approved medications, to agree that we are aware of possible side effects, the most serious of which might be PML a serious brain infection risking significant disability or death. 

While clinical trials studying HSCT’s impact on Multiple Sclerosis have been under way in Australia for some years and interim trial results in the US and Europe show high % positive effect compared to available approved disease modifying drugs it seems reasonable that a similar waiver could be signed by patients willing to undergo HSCT.

When HSCT does gain approval for use against MS, it will change the entire MS landscape. HSCT can stop MS. In early disease stage it can save a person from disability. In later stages it offers the possibility of escape from ongoing progression. While not all medical procedures or medications are successful in every case, and it is the same for HSCT in treating MS, the reluctance despite remarkable success rates surrounding HSCT for MS, has to have seen many who could have found improvement, left to deteriorate.

One HSCT procedure per MS patient -vs- drugs costing the government near $3,000 per month, per person with MS, per each MS patient’s lifetime, seems more economical and (we believe) certainly more beneficial to people currently suffering.

The signatories to this petition ask :

that every Australian diagnosed with MS, when willingly seeking treatment, be offered choice between ALL effective treatments, including specifically the chemotherapy procedure, autologous Hematopeoitic Stem Cell Transplant, by way of waiver when unavailable otherwise.