NRI's should have some way to vote in the General Elections when they are not in India.

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I am an Indian but due to the nature of my employment, I spend a considerable amount of time overseas due to which I am classified as NRI or Non Resident Indian. I have been doing this job for over 20 years and on some occasions I have missed the opportunity to cast my vote in the election process. I am still very much Indian and hold an Indian passport and I feel that casting ones vote is a very important nation building duty of any citizen of the country. Like in Australia and some European countries voting should be compulsory for citizens even if they are abroad at the time of elections by electronic means or by authorization given to someone else.  We have hundreds of thousands of Indian citizens who are abroad and want to cast their votes but are unable to due to the lack of a law and the associated arrangements.  

Think about the amount of Indians in the middle east on contracts, the Indians in merchant navy, the students studying abroad, Indians on unavoidable business away during the election period, people abroad for non critical treatment, people visiting relatives abroad or simply on vacation who would want to vote but are unable to as things stand at this moment. These are no small numbers. According to United Nations: India's population living abroad is the largest in the world with 1.6 crore in 2015. It is 2018 now and I'm sure the numbers have swelled.

The Election Commission Of India website says 'No Voter To Be Left Behind' but what about us. 

With Elections 2019 around the corner can this be looked into as a matter of priority and some provisions put in place for us to be able to cast our votes. 

Fellow Indians, I'm sure you all have friends and family abroad who are affected by this. Please signe and show your support to make things happen. 

Let's be responsible citizens. 

Let's be a inclusive democracy. 

Let's make the biggest democracy in the world, BIGGER.

Thank you so very much.