Remove the Caste based Reservation System

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It must be fought ,We are children of One God like everyone else, We are the citizens of this country, & our civilization is one of the oldest, then why should we be treated unequally ?

Ladies & Gentleman I have decided to unite UR category students, to help us proclaim our right.... To be treated as equal citizen of this country.... We dont want a conflict We know the strength forces arrayed against us.....But we are determined that justice will be done.... The symbol of our status is embodied in this category that restricts us from getting opportunities that we deserve, that is not the case with other reserved categories, the 1st step towards changing all this is to eliminate this difference between us, We do not want to ignite the fear & hatred of anyone, but I ask you all the UR candidates to help us light up the sky ..... & the mind of the Indian Government with our defiance of this injustice..... There should not be "RESERVATION ON CASTE BASIS" IT SHOULD BE based on POVERTY OTHER WISE IN COMING TIME POVERTY CAN BLAST & WILL SWIPE THE NATION Thank you....