Protect the pro-democracy Hongkongers in Australia

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Please pushed to offer safe haven to Hong Kong citizens in Australia.

Protection Visa

"It is now absolutely clear that any Hong Kong resident currently in Australia faces a genuine risk of harm should they return home," Senator Di Natale said.

"We have a legal and a moral obligation to offer them safe haven, and that is what Scott Morrison must order his government to do."
The Victorian senator said former prime minister Bob Hawke's decision to grant protection to Chinese citizens in the wake of 1989's Tiananmen Square massacre was a "shining example of Australian leadership in the world" which had made Australia a richer multicultural nation.

The 71-year-old was among the tens of thousands of Chinese students granted asylum in Australia by the former Labor prime minister after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Why Chinese and Hong Kong students clash in Australia
As we can see the CCP support of the recent wave of pro-China demonstrators clashing with Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters in Australia.

Many Pro-Hong Kong Student once returning to Hongkong will face arrest, political persecution, unfair treatment and even personal injury. Even they show support in social media platform that countless people are intimidated by the CCP who have party organizations and threats to their lives.

I hope you can sign, expressed support for the Hong Kong people can stay away from the White Terror.