Ruby’s Law - Make social media illegal for under 16 yr olds

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We are living with a generation of adolescents who can not function without a phone and the influence of Snapchat, instagram and other social media sites to guide them through daily life. Kids are not kids anymore. They don’t have their own identities. Too many children are being bullied online, having mental health issues magnified through sites that they can’t cope with because they aren’t mature enough to deal with normal ‘teenage stuff’. I speak from experience, 2 years ago my 15 year old daughter Ruby took her own life. Social media was a big influence on her life ,her mood and her choices. In the last two years the increase in negative effects of social media stories and reports for the next generation is enormous. I am now supporting my twin daughters Kitty and Florry aged 14 , who struggle with the loss of their sister and endure their own mental health issues including PTSD and anxiety. This is exasperated by pressure on social media from celebrities, lifestyle expectations and importantly coming home from school to continue the day on sites communicating negatively with people from school during the day - there is no let up. I want all social media made illegal to under 16s. Parents should be made accountable and prosecuted. We all let our children on it... because we don’t have much choice, parents feel the pressure to conform too. But if we had no choice and this was law, we would be more inclined to say no. Our youth need to focus on themselves and their development, stick to texts, what’s app, face time . Kids don’t need to grow up photographing every meal and pouting daily to impress others and counting likes. Social media sites do not need to be making money out of our children for their gain. Let’s all take responsibility and never see another child loose their own life due to a virtual world before they’ve lived a life in the real world.