A Chance to Speak Up: REPEAL SECTION 377A

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We, the people of Singapore, are a conservative community and we must change.

I have seen many petitions created for the repeal of Section 377A and it is important that we let our voices be heard. Section 377A is the criminalisation of consensual sex between men in public or in private. Fellow male LGBT members of Singapore are unable to profess their love to one another freely in a community like Singapore’s due to the stigma surrounding homosexuality. Imagine being with the love of your life, but having to hide your feelings for one another, living each day constantly fearing judgement by others. How would you feel? 

The LGBT community of Singapore are not given many chances to spread awareness of their cause and the only event in which they get to freely express themselves is Pink Dot. But recently, even that has come under attack when the Singaporean government forbid international companies from sponsoring the event this year. But with India’s recent Supreme Court Ruling on the repeal of Section 377, we have been given an opportunity to start a conversation but to start we must speak and only after we speak will we be heard. If we stay with the silent majority, we will never be able to make a change.

But what do we want changed?

I would like to respectfully request for the repeal of Section 377A. This law only serves to further discriminate the already small minority of the LGBT community that is male homosexual relationships. Men should be given the chance to love who they want to love and societal standards should not be a factor in determining their partners. 

I want to take the initiative to open up a petition that could possibly benefit hundreds of thousands of the LGBT community of Singapore but we must again speak up. If I am able to do so, you are to. We must come together as a community and show that we embrace diversity.

Remember, the parliament is listening to public opinions so every single signature goes a long way in molding Singapore’s future for the better.