Make safe access to Seniors isolating in Long Term Care the Country's TOP priority

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The iron ring around our senior population is killing them.

We need to give these vulnerable members of society a VOICE and make it a priority to find a way to open up visits, under safe conditions with family and loved ones.  As the country is gradually releasing Covid19 restrictions, we need to do this NOW.  Too many seniors are suffering and many are dying of loneliness and isolation.

  • Long Term Care homes are in the business of giving a quality end of life. 
  • Now there are no community meals, no birthday celebrations, no family visits, no activities in groups. 
  • Society has taken away everything that makes life living in an effort to protect them. 
  • There was death before Covid, there is death during Covid and there will be death after Covid.  The difference is now our most vulnerable senior population is dying of loneliness and broken hearts.

No one is giving our Seniors a voice.  The government priority on all opening and releasing of Covid 19 restrictions is economically driven.  If we can figure out how to safely get our hair cut, take our pet to a dog park or golf, certainly, society can figure out a way to safely visit our loved ones in long term care (or even those self-isolating at home). 

Technology is not the answer. Many seniors don't understand technology and many do not have it available.

Continued lock down is not the answer.  Our loved ones are confined to  their rooms and stare at the TV or out the window, alone. 

We must find a solution that balances compassion and acceptable risks. My neighbour Dolly, aged 93 was a child in Germany during WWII claims that Covid 19 isolation is worse than WWII because during the war, she had her family and friends to help get through the tough times.

Health care workers are allowed in long term care homes wearing a mask, gloves, and sterile outer-wear.   Why is this not allowed for controlled family visits?  Or, maybe the much smarter minds out there can come up with a better solution.  (and now, please)

Sign the petition and show our elected officials that we too want to protect our most vulnerable members of society. 

Sign the petition to demand that we prioritize contact with our beloved seniors as much as (if not more than) economic recovery

Sign the petition to urge our elected officials to represent all Canadians, including our voiceless seniors

Sign the petition because if as a society we can find safe ways to get a hair cut, go to a restaurant, or golf, then we can find a safe way to end the lock down of our vulnerabe and voiceless senior population in long term care.

Sign the petition and be a voice for the voiceless Senior who is suffering the most in isolation.