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Stop the extradition of Dmitry Berezhkov to the Russian authorities!

The arrest and detainment of University of Tromsø master student Dmitry Berezhkov on the part of the Norwegian authorities is a clear and shocking case of political reprisal, where the Norwegian authorities blatantly accommodated the long arm of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Berezhkov simply exercised his legitimate human and political rights as enshrined in international human rights law by taking a clear position in the interests of his own and other Indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation. Shortly after he presented at a large Indigenous peoples conference in North Norway, he was apprehended and detained by the Norwegian authorities--who were acting on behalf of the Russian authorities--on charges of being a "foreign agent." We demand that the Norwegian government refuse the Russian authorities’ demand for extradition and honor Dmintry Berezhkov’s human and political rights to free speech above any other official political considerations between Norway and Russia.

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  • Prime Minister of Norway
    Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

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