Jail time for theft of an animal

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Pudsey a 19 year old tabby girl cat was stolen from her home her own garden and dumped 8 miles away from where she lived. In a wooded area and has never been found. She was taken from her loving family who had had her 19 years and left to defend for herself in the freezing cold temperatures. 
This neighbour did not like Pudsey for previously doing her business in his garden so decided to take her on a bus in a box and dump her so this would never happen again. We need to make sure there are harsh penalties, jail sentences for outrageous behaviour like this. This man had a slap on the wrist after he admitted to the local police in Paignton Devon. Pudsey was taken to newton abbot and just left. After many nights and days searching for Pudsey around the wooded area and surrounding town she was never found. This took place in November 2020. The poor owners of Pudsey have to deal with seeing this smug man living next door to them every day. He has admitted his crime and still gets to walk around freely. Who knows if he has done this before to another cat or animal in his area. With out any punishment this man is free to do this again at any time. Justice for Pudsey is needed. Please sign this petition to get harsher punishment for animal left. All over the uk.