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We are here to get justice for Hamuwera Holloway but also get the awareness out there so the injustice of unfair verdicts can be looked into an possibly changed for the future. 

On the 7th September 2018, 19-year-old Hamuwera Holloway went to work and never returned home. Instead of a phone call from him to be picked up from work, it was replaced by the dreaded knock on the door by The Police.

There was an altercation at work and Hamuwera lost his life from a Colleague who fatally assaulted him with a weapon.

An 18-year-old Lima Terry Feleti eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter over the death of Hamuwera at a factory in Auckland's East Tamaki.

Initially he pleaded not guilty until he heard the sentencing indication offered by "High Court Justice Christopher 'Kit' Toogood" in which at that time he changed his plea to guilty.

He was on 24hr curfew from a few days after he took the life of Hamuwera Holloway after which "High Court Justice Christopher 'Kit' Toogood" changed this at the first court appearance to 7pm-7am. 

On the 19th November 2018 We attended the High Court hearing in Auckland before "High Court Justice Christopher 'Kit' Toogood" and found out that the killer could possibly be getting HOME DETENTION! That's not good enough, My Family are so BROKEN over Our loss and deserve justice.

Feleti was previously charged with assault with a weapon over the case, but Police upgraded the charge to manslaughter.

But because of his age, first charge and apparently the immediate remorse he has shown, The Judge started DISCOUNTING the sentence, YES DISCOUNTING!

"High Court Justice Christopher 'Kit' Toogood" gave him an estimate Sentence Of just over a year on HOME DETENTION.

The next court appearance will be February 2019, so we as one need to try make a change before then!

Follow the links to see the storie's from NZ media about this case.

This is a link to another case "High Court Justice Christopher 'Kit' Toogood" gave a light sentence of home detention for a murderer.

Our Family need Help! We want a Harsher Sentence for this Killer Who thought it was his right to take another humans life. Imprisonment is the right thing to do!

This is not the first case that manslaughter has received only home detention. We as the people need this to stop immediately before this continues to get worst. They do not deserve the luxury of being at home with family. New Zealands justice system is pathetic. Where is the justice for the victims and their families?

We would like to reach out to anyone who can help us with this PETITION!
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Personal story
We are The Holloway Family. Hamuwera is deeply missed by family and friends. He will always be to Our Whanau the most funniest, hard working, caring, loving person with the best hugs, best come backs, greatest advice and most contagious laugh- Someone we will never get too see again.

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