Reduce the mental pressure and burden on students before they are unable to cope with it.

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This worldwide pandemic has without a doubt, caused immense damage to the world in various ways. However, one thing that could have been off this list of issues is the declined mental health of students. The entire system of education system has been modified but in no way has it benefitted the students. All institutions have fractured their integrity by only concentrating on finishing their syllabuses/courses or getting through the semesters. No one is even considering what it is doing to the mental and physical health of students.

We have been spending an obnoxious amount of time in front of screens. We spend 8-10 hours in front of our phones, tablets and laptops due to our online classes and assignments etc. The rays as most of us already know, have a major negative impact on our eyesight and the workload has an even bigger impact on our mental health. It further leads to various other problems such as depression, insomnia, anorexia which desperately needed reduction already. We were not even given half of the vacations we usually do whereas, that entire period was accommodated for online school. Thus, we are in the second year without a break.

We live in Pakistan where we do appreciate the existence of CAIE's however, most local education boards have reduced the syllabus by 30% and no such action has been taken by Cambridge. We urge the CAIE board to comprehend the situation and take some action regarding the syllabus.